Homeowner on High Alert? 7 Tips for Maintaining a High-Traffic Lawn

A verdant and lovely yard is often the crowning glory of any homeowner. However, the frequent passage of visitors and children can wreak havoc on that splendid expanse of greenery. A yard that experiences a high volume of foot traffic is bound to experience some level of deterioration.

Luckily, you can take a few steps to protect your lawn from heavy foot traffic. With a bit of planning and some TLC, you can keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant. Here are seven tips to help you maintain your yard under even the heaviest of footfalls. You can also check out pest control professionals for more info.

Choose your grass seed wisely

The first and most important aspect of maintaining a healthy lawn is choosing the right grass seed. In making your selection, consider what kind of grass seed is best suited to your region. Choosing seed that flourishes in your climate zone will make cultivating your gorgeous lawn a cakewalk.

Some other factors to consider as you choose your grass seed:

  • The amount of rain your lawn will typically receive
  • The sun-to-shade ratio of your yard
  • The type of soil on your property

Grass species are usually divided into warm-season grass and cool-season grass. Consider your typical weather when picking the best species for your landscaping needs. 

Mow your lawn carefully

Whether you are mowing with a riding mower, a self-propelled model, or an old-fashioned push mower, you need to put some careful thought into how you mow your lawn. Don’t mow your grass too short; longer grass helps protect the yard from all those trampling feet. Just like you wouldn’t want to shave too close to your skin, your grass appreciates a little bit of clearance between the blades and the ground. 

Water your grass precisely

Watering your grass is necessary to maintain healthy growth. However, many homeowners take the wrong approach to watering their lawns. Instead of a shallow 15-minute shower every day, it’s best to water your lawn for an hour three times a week. 

This technique ensures that the water reaches the roots and results in healthier, happier lawn. It’s also best to water early in the morning, so the yard has a chance to absorb the moisture before it evaporates under the sun’s rays. 

Aerate your lawn annually

While most homeowners are familiar with the concept of watering and fertilizing a lawn, not as many are experts at aerating their yards. Aerating is the process of poking small holes in your lawn so that water and nutrients can reach more deeply into the soil. 

While it may seem counterintuitive to place holes in your precious grass carpet purposely, the practice will result in healthier, more attractive grass. You should aerate your lawn during the spring or summer when water is at a premium. 

Fertilize your lawn properly

Fertilizing your lawn is just as important as watering it. Fertilization provides nutrients and minerals that grass needs to grow optimally. Most fertilizers contain potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, all of which encourage plant growth.

You should fertilize your lawn every six to eight weeks. Be exceptionally generous with fertilizer during the fall when your grass is preparing to go dormant. 

Overseed your lawn regularly

The practice of overseeding involves adding new grass seed to an already existing lawn. This process ensures thicker future growth. Overseed in the winter to see impressive growth in the spring and summer months. 

Plan for high-traffic events early

If you know you have a high-traffic event on your calendar, plan to block off portions of your lawn that you want to protect. Use clearly marked paths and carefully placed decorations to herd your guests away from the most sensitive areas of your yard. If all else fails, a “Keep off the grass” sign might not go amiss. 

Wrapping up

You don’t have to compromise your social life to have the luscious lawn of your dreams. Follow these seven tips to keep your yard looking evergreen. 

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