Tips To Declutter And Organize Your Family Home

Removing clutter at home will eliminate 40% of housework. A messy and disorganized house is harder to clean, making cleaning time longer, according to the National Soap and Detergent Association. In addition, given that organizing a family home is not an easy task, the presence of clutter only contributes to extra or heavier housework. One of the major solutions is to declutter and organize your home to improve your environment, as well as save valuable time and money.

Find A Decluttering Method That Suits You

There are many ways to declutter a home. Cleaning and organizing gurus promote different and creative methods of organization. One of these is the 12-12-12 challenge, where you get rid of 12 things, donate 12 items to charity, and put 12 pieces back in their proper places. You can even get family members on board, making it a contest so that everyone is part of decluttering and organizing the home, making it a fun and challenging activity. To sweeten the deal further, remember that most donations are tax-deductible. Just make sure you get a receipt. Most free tax programs are set-up for this type of scenario but it would be a good choice to seek out an expert to help you file taxes for the year.

Similarly, you can encourage others - including yourself - to give one item away and fill a garbage bag. You’ll be surprised at how much you can gather around the house which will serve others better than you. According to a study, around 80% of the stuff we own is not used, contributing to the mess at home - so giving away a few things each day is very realistic, considering how much stuff we hoard.

Organize Your Garden And Exterior

Cleaning outside your home is as important is tidying up indoors. From mounting piles of twigs to broken furniture, there is always something that needs to be picked up in the garden. recommends installing garden sheds that you can use to organize your backyard. These structures are practical solutions for storing equipment, tools and garden supplies, improving the landscape and inspiring you to enjoy the benefits of staying outdoors. Moreover, they free up valuable space in your garage, allowing you to put your car inside.  A shed that you can lock also keeps dangerous chemicals away from kids and animals, protecting your loved ones. An added benefit is that you can store garden furniture to shield it from the elements. 

Tidying up at home, getting rid of unused, unwanted, or broken things, and organizing those that you keep assists in creating a pleasant environment. Without clutter, you’ll have more time, decrease the number of household chores and save money, in addition to being relaxed and stress-free. 

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