Poodle Puppies: 6 Important Things You Need to Know

Should you be in the market for a dog that radiates charm, enjoys socializing, and possesses an athletic build, considering a Poodle for adoption could be a suitable choice.

You must have already seen Poodles being groomed in different styles all over the internet. But, besides their exceptional quality of being show dogs, they are also perfect companions. 

Owing to their athletic nature and slim build, they will be happy to tag along on long walks. Moreover, you can even teach them plenty of advanced tricks, and they will learn everything like an obedient student.

Once you have decided to adopt, then many questions might arise in your mind regarding the temperament, coat, build, and even Poodle heat cycles.

So, here is everything you should know about Poodles before adopting one.

1. Poodles are intelligent

While you may only know Poodles through social media and might only be seeing their grooming videos, these dogs are pretty athletic and participate in many dog sporting events worldwide. You might find them winning agility, obedience, and tracking dog sport competitions.

You will be surprised to know that their intelligence comes from their ancestors, bred to hunt alongside humans. This makes them eager to learn, and they will try to please their masters as much as possible.

They like to be mentally energized, and if you do not give them enough tasks, they will find something to do themselves.

2. Poodles heat cycle

The temperament of a female Poodle and a male Poodle often varies, just like with every other dog breed.

Females are more caring and slightly more intelligent than their male counterparts, as per research conducted by a cognitive biologist at the University of Vienna.

So, if you are adopting a female one, you must be aware of the Poodle heat cycles.

Many dogs even get their first heat cycle when they are almost two years old. Commonly, they will have their first heat cycle anytime between six months and a year. But, this is not etched with stone as it can get delayed due to underlying health complications.

The frequency of their heat cycles varies as per their size. Toy Poodles can go into heat two to four times a year, whereas a miniature one will heat two to three times a year. On the other hand, a standard Poodle will have two heat cycles per year.

3. Poodles can bond deeply with humans

If you’re finding a dog that can bond deeply with you, look no further. Poodles thrive when they are close to their family and master. They are very cuddly and will never leave you alone. No matter where you go, they will try to follow you around.

No matter what time of the day, they will try to jump up on your lap for some much-needed pets and cuddles. Poodles are also great with children, so they will get along with them even if you have young children at home.

However, if you are looking for an independent dog breed, adopting a Poodle should not be your first choice.

4. They are pretty vocal

Dog breeds like Mastiffs are known for their calm personalities, but Poodles, on the other hand, are pretty vocal. So, if they disagree with you or want attention, they will not shy away from expressing themselves through their shrill and loud bark.

This makes them the best watchdogs as they will alert you when someone steps on your property.

It is essential to start training them early to prevent them from barking excessively.

5. Poodles come in a various sizes

Due to selective breeding, Poodles now come in three different sizes; toy, miniature, and standard.

The standard Poodle can be up to fifteen inches tall, and a miniature will only be ten to fifteen inches tall, whereas the toy Poodles are the smallest as their height will only be ten inches, and some are even shorter.

No matter what size you adopt, they have the same energy levels and temperaments.

If you want a dog that you can take anywhere with you in a small carrying case, a miniature or toy Poodle is the right choice.

6. They require grooming

Poodles require you to pay extra attention to their cleaning due to their long coat. It is essential to take them for a monthly trim to get rid of excess hair near their eyes, paws, and genitals.

Moreover, you might have to brush them regularly to keep their coat from matting together.

Despite their high maintenance coats, they are not big on shedding despite their high maintenance coats and only shed during seasonal changes.

So, these are the six important things you must know before adopting a Poodle.

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