The Most Popular Types of Pet Fish

What Is The Most Popular Freshwater Fish – Guide To Freshwater Aquarium Pet Fish

When assessing the best pets for your family, it can be easy to opt for a dog or a cat, but people have also been choosing freshwater aquarium fish. In fact, based on the sheer number of fish people can house in a tank, fish are widely regarded as being up there with the most popular pets around. Granted, you can’t cuddle them like a dog or a cat, but they offer a range of other benefits.

For starters, fish can create a calming influence and ooze beauty depending on the type of fish you go with. A fish tank can really elevate a room, too, creating a tranquil setting as you listen to the water swirling around the tank and watch your adopted fish swim around without a care in the world. Some fish are truly beautiful too, coming in a range of colours and moving elegantly as they feast on food and play with each other.

Some parents are potentially put off the idea of having fish due to the smell emanating out of certain fish tanks, but if you regularly clean them, then that should never be an issue. Instead of watching movies inspired by fish like Finding Nemo or playing the Fishin’ Reels slot game from’s animal themed catalogue, why not add some real-life fish to your home and build an epic aquarium for you and the family to look after? We aren’t talking about goldfish here either, more a selection of exotic slimy creatures. Below is a look at some excellent options.


Fish tank aficionados adore Angelfish, and it is entirely understandable as to why. Not only are they elegant and can appear in a range of colours, but Angelfish are generally easy to look after. It’s worth noting that a minimum 55-gallon tank is required, given their need for deeper water. Also, Angelfish can occasionally fight each other, but a few plants and various dwellings for them to hide help. A tropical fish tank isn’t really complete without an Angelfish or two.

Neon Tetras

Hailing from the world-famous Amazon jungle, Neon Tetras are tiny in size but feature a huge hit of colour when looking at your tank from a distance. These blue and red fish are translucent and look great in fish tanks. They’re generally peaceful and aren’t aggressive, too, making them ideal for most fish tank setups.


These miniature but gorgeous looking fish can reach a maximum size of up to 8cm, with these vibrantly coloured freshwater fish capable of sprucing up any fish tank. Bettas are known to shimmer in tanks and are relatively easy to look after. Word of warning, though: males are typically more aggressive than females, so it’s probably best to go for female Bettas if you can.


You’ll need a heavy filtration set up to house these miniature delights, but once you do, then you’ll fall in love with Mollies. These fish do like to breed, too, potentially leading to some magical moments in the future when the females give birth. It is recommended that fish tanks go with one male per three to four females with that in mind. If you’re keen to establish a community tank of fish, then a few Mollies will suffice. Anything more, and they could end up nipping at other species.

Pearl Gourami

If you have a tank with a minimum water volume of 140 litres, then consider adding some Pearl Gourami’s to it. They’re easy to look after and will even clean your tank for you on occasions. They’re relaxing creatures to enjoy overall, although they do hide a lot.

When it comes to choosing the best pet fish, the options are seemingly endless. With so many fish species to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. There are freshwater tropical fish, aquarium fish species, and even fish that many would consider to be the best pet fish. Some of the most popular pet fish include the Siamese fighting fish, which can easily withstand the most common mistakes made by beginners, and the Betta fish, known for their vibrant colors and fierce personalities. But whether you’re introducing a larger pet to the picture, or just starting out with a single species in your tank, it’s best to choose a fish that matches your lifestyle and has the ability to coexist peacefully with other fish in your aquarium. We’ll explore the most popular pet fish and provide tips on how to protect the fish, choose the right fish food, and create a healthy aquarium environment.

Platy Fish: A Popular And Colorful Addition To Your Aquarium

Platy fish are one of the most common and popular freshwater aquarium fish breeds available. They are part of the top most popular fish on our list and have long been a go-to pet for parents hoping to introduce their children to the joys of pet ownership.

Platy fish are not aggressive fish, making them an excellent choice for a community aquarium with other species of fish. They are hardy and can thrive in a freshwater tank as small as 10 gallons of water, making them a popular choice for beginners.

One of the reasons that Platy fish make such great pets is that they are easy to care for and come in a variety of colors, including red, making them a colorful addition to any aquarium. They are also one of the best freshwater fish to breed and require little effort to do so.

Popular Types of Freshwater Fish for Your Fish Tank

  1. Betta fish: Also known as Siamese fighting fish, betta fish are active and beautiful fish with long fins. Although they can be aggressive towards other fish, they are an excellent choice for a single species tank.

  2. Platy fish: These small, peaceful fish are another popular choice among beginner aquarists. They get along well with other small fish and are easy to care for.

  3. Tetra fish: These schooling fish are best when kept in groups of six or more. They are a freshwater community fish that comes in many different species and colors.

  4. Guppy fish: These active and colorful fish are well-known for their ability to breed quickly. They are an easy fish to care for and are often recommended for beginner aquarists.

  5. Corydoras catfish: These peaceful bottom-dwelling fish are great for keeping the aquarium clean. They get along well with other peaceful fish and are best kept in groups.

  6. Neon fish: These small and peaceful fish are known for their bright blue and red colors. They are a popular choice among aquarists and can be kept in a school.

  7. Angelfish: These beautiful fish can get pretty big and are best kept in a 10-gallon tank or larger. They get along well with other peaceful fish and can be a bit more challenging to care for.

  8. Mollies: These peaceful fish come in many different colors and are another popular choice for a freshwater community tank.

  9. Swordtail fish: These active and colorful fish are easy to care for and can be kept in a school. They get along well with other peaceful fish and are a common pet fish.

  10. Danio fish: These active fish come in many different species and colors. They get along well with other small fish and are a great choice for a beginner’s aquarium.

Common Mistakes Made By Inexperienced Fish Owners And How To Avoid Them

Inexperienced fish owners often make mistakes that can harm their fish. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Buying fish you can’t keep: Some fish require specific water conditions, tank size, or specific care. Before you buy a fish, do your research to ensure it’s compatible with your tank and your abilities as a fish owner. Avoid buying a fish that is too difficult to care for or that requires special equipment you don’t have.

  2. Having a hard time finding the fish: Many people make the mistake of not planning ahead when buying fish. Certain types of fish are seasonal, or not available in all stores. Before you decide on the fish you want, make sure it’s available and that you can find it easily.

  3. Thinking of fish as the absolute best “go-to” pet of parents hoping to give their children a pet: While fish can be a great pet, they aren’t the perfect pet for everyone. Parents should consider the level of responsibility and care required before deciding if a fish is the right pet for their child.

  4. Spending too much money on fish: Some people think that the most expensive fish are the best. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a beautiful and healthy fish tank. There are many affordable options that are just as beautiful and interesting.

  5. Adding fighting fish to their aquarium: Some people think it’s a good idea to add a fighting fish, like a Betta, to a community tank. However, fighting fish are territorial and may become aggressive towards other fish. Keep them in their own tank or with compatible fish only.

  6. Not choosing the fish that is right for them: Some people choose fish based on their appearance, without considering their care requirements or compatibility with other fish. It’s important to choose a fish that fits your lifestyle and your tank setup.

  7. Trying to breed aquarium fish: Breeding fish can be difficult and requires specific knowledge and equipment. If you’re a beginner, focus on keeping your fish healthy and happy, rather than trying to breed them.

  8. Forgetting that fish have long been a popular pet: Fish have been a popular pet for thousands of years, and they can be a great addition to your home. However, they require proper care and attention, just like any other pet.

  9. Believing that one fish is just like any other fish: Fish come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Each species has its own unique care requirements and characteristics. Don’t assume that one fish is just like any other fish.

  10. Thinking that red fish are all the same: Red fish are popular in the aquarium trade, but not all red fish are the same. Some red fish, like the Cherry Barb or Red Wag Platy, are peaceful community fish. Others, like the Red Terror Cichlid, are aggressive and should be kept alone or with other large fish.

  11. Not realizing that two species are so closely related: Some fish species look very similar but are not the same. For example, the Neon Tetra and Cardinal Tetra look nearly identical, but the Cardinal Tetra has a red stripe that extends to the bottom of its body. Make sure you know the differences between similar-looking fish to ensure you get the right species.


In conclusion, choosing the best pet fish can be an exciting adventure, but it’s important to do your research before diving in. Whether you’re interested in the most popular fish species, or simply trying to find another fish to add to your aquarium, there are several factors to consider. From finding an agreeable fish when just one male is in the tank, to adding a Siamese fighting fish without risking the lives of fry and smaller fish, there are many tips and tricks to keep in mind. However, if you’re looking for a fish that is quite an agreeable fish, arguably the best fish to choose is the Betta fish. These beautiful fish can easily withstand the most common mistakes made by beginners, and can thrive on a diet of fish food pellets. But no matter which fish you choose, it’s best to keep the needs of your pet in mind, and create a healthy, stress-free environment in which they can flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’ve still got questions about What Is The Most Popular Pet Fish, then these may help:

What Is The Most Popular Freshwater Fish?

The most popular freshwater fish is the Betta Fish. They are known for their vibrant colors and interesting behavior, making them a favorite among aquarium owners and hobbyists alike. Unfortunately, they can be hard to find in pet stores, so those looking for one should do their research before buying. They can also be aggressive, so they may fight other fish that are added to their aquarium. In addition, they may even eat smaller fish or fry if given the chance. However, if you want to breed aquarium fish, Bettas are a great choice because of how easy it is to maintain them and how quickly they reproduce. When it comes to freshwater fish for your aquarium, Betta Fish come highly recommended!

What Are The Prettiest Fish To Keep In A Freshwater Aquarium?

Finding the prettiest fish for a freshwater aquarium can be a hard time for many people. For example, fighting fish are great additions to their aquariums, but they can kill fry and smaller fish that may also be living in the aquarium. On the other hand, there are some species of aquarium fish that are easy to breed and care for. These include tetras, barbs, rasboras, rainbowfish, danios and more. Most of these fish have vibrant colors and patterns that make them attractive and desirable in any home aquarium. They also tend to get along well with other types of fish which makes them ideal choices when stocking a tank.

Is The Betta Fish Most Friendly Pet Fish?

The most friendly pet fish is undoubtedly the Betta Fish. Bettas are incredibly social, interactive and inquisitive creatures, making them an ideal choice for pet owners looking for a friendly aquatic companion. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also have individual personalities and can form strong bonds with their owners over time. They thrive in small tanks or bowls and require minimal care, making them a great option for those who don’t have much experience with caring for fish. Bettas are also known to be very active swimmers and some can even recognize their owners when they approach their tank. For these reasons, Bettas make excellent pets that bring joy to any home where they live!

What Are Some Most Popular Aquarium Fishes?

When it comes to popular aquarium fish, there are many that you can keep and find in most pet stores. Some of the most common and sought-after species include cichlids, tetras, guppies, angelfish, gouramis, goldfish, mollies, rasboras and barbs. These types of fish are easy to care for and are generally inexpensive compared to other exotic species. Additionally, some of these fish can be bred at home with the right equipment and tips from experienced aquarists.

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