How to Equip Your Home Gym

A home gym is convenient because you don’t have to travel to the other side of the city to workout

Instructions for creating a gym at home

How to create a full-fledged gym at home?

The task is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Whether it is a sports minimum or a multifunctional hall, it depends on your ambitions, motivation and, of course, the area of   the room. Our task is to tell you about how and what needs to be collected in one place to organize full-fledged training.

Choosing a room

It will not be difficult for the owner of the cottage to allocate one of the rooms for a fitness room. Sound insulation, thermal insulation, vapor absorption and good ventilation are the main requirements for the best home gym. Most often, simulators are placed in the basement or in the basement.

The first option is preferable – basements are usually with windows, and a natural source of light has a positive effect on mood and motivation. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the room – if it is damp and uncomfortable in it, it is better to abandon such an undertaking and consider the option of placing simulators in the residential part of the house. It should also be noted that converting a basement is expensive. The recommended area of the future gym in a private house is 8-10 sq. M. Of course, the more the better.

It is more difficult to organize a gym in an apartment or home. If it is large, and the possibilities allow you to allocate an entire room, great. However, most often you have to be content with only a part of the living space. And even in this case, you can organize a good fitness area, only you need to take into account some of the nuances.

Complete Home Gym Components

Floor covering

The best option is a rubber base on which carpet or special sports flooring is laid. It will provide shock absorption and sound insulation. However, often there is already a laminate or parquet on the floor. In this case, it is advisable to use a non-slip base for each simulator, it is better if it is a special protective mat. And the floor will be preserved and the stability of the equipment will be ensured.

For aerobics or yoga, you can use a roll-up mat. It is easy to store thanks to the well thought-out suspensions.

Mirrors in the interior

Needed to observe yourself during yoga or to control the correct lifting of weights. Find a budget option. But they should be sized to fit your full body figure.

Non-slip floors

Choosing the right flooring will help avoid bruises and injuries. And if it’s colorful, it will make your workout more engaging.

The parquet floor can be left bare. But if you want your exercise area to be soft, take care of a non-slip material.

Storage of sports equipment

He should not roll around anywhere. Looking for shelves and racks. Use sturdy baskets for small items. If your home gym is part of a large room, fence it off with a book section with open niches.

With a small space, it is convenient to use not a block section with shelves, but a bar trolley. It is compact and can withstand the weight of some sports equipment.

TV or tablet on a stand

You are using an instructional video. You might want to watch a show while you workout. But there is no TV console in your area. Or the big TV just doesn’t work here. Then attach some suitable object to the simulator, which will be the support for the tablet.


To reproduce it, use any stereo player. Write down in advance those melodies that you like, and the rhythm and tempo are suitable, for example, for meditation or aerobics.

Low table

Practical furniture is needed in the hall so that during the exercise on the rug it is easy to change the music, reach for a glass of water, and put a burning candle for meditation.

Refreshing water

One of the benefits of doing homework is that you don’t need to drink only bottled water. You can make a refreshing drink in the kitchen, with lemon and berries, or with a sprig of fresh mint. Place the decanter in the refrigerator and grab it on your way to the gym.

Room decoration

Hang inspirational artwork on the walls. These can be paintings or huge photographs, perhaps made by you, enlarged, placed in frames.

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