Essential Tools For Aspiring Fixeruppers

Ask any genuine handyman or handywoman about the tools they'd love to have in their toolbox, and you'll likely hear "every single one of them." Yet, in a reality where financial constraints and space limitations are common, it's practical to focus on acquiring a handful of crucial tools. This guide is designed for anyone aiming to assemble a basic set of tools for simple home projects. Additionally, for your repair tasks, you might want to explore renting a stair ladder.

Top Essential tools For Handyman


Let’s face it; everyone needs a hammer. If you want to put something up on the wall, you need a hammer. If you want to nail something to the door, you need a hammer. If you want to nail your door shut to keep the kids out of your room, you definitely need a hammer. Start with the hammer then get some nails. You are now officially handy.

Wire Cutter

So you want to cut metal cables? Wire cutters will cut both single and double strand wires. These are perfect on chicken wires, power cables, barbed wires, almost any cable or wire you have around the house that needs slicing and dicing.

Cordless Drill

Need to drill something in the wall? Want to put a hole in the wall? Screwdrivers are great, but a power drill is going to make life much easier. If you are a human being, you probably hate cords because they get tangled up in everything and you might not want to stay within reach of an outlet all of the time. If this is the case, you might as well go cordless when you pick out your power drill. These run on batteries and it may be useful to get an extra battery too.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are super useful when you are doing a demolition project. They can be used to cut and break up materials around a window or door. You can also use them to cut through a plasterboard. Reciprocating saws have separate blades for cutting metal and cutting wood. If you are interested in chopping up parts of your home, a reciprocating saw is a must have.

Are you vertically challenged? Do you have things that are high up that need fixing? If so, a ladder may just be the thing for you. As simple as that sounds, you will need to choose between two different types of ladders:

●Step ladder (frame ladder)
●Extension ladder With Adjustable Heights

Ladders come in handy when you are doing roof repairs, working on drywall, or saving a kitten from a tree. You may want to think about getting a ladder that is taller than you so you can see the world from greater heights.

Circular Saw

Circular saws may look intimidating, but you are a grown up and you can work past your fears. They are used to cut through wood and cordless options are available since we have already established that you hate cords. A circular saw’s toothed blade spins and cuts through most hard materials.

Allen Wrenches

You may not know who Allen is, but his wrenches are excellent. Here we are talking about those funny little metal tools that are in the shape of an L. They are lightweight, useful, and easy to use. They come in various sizes for different needs. These are primarily used to put together furniture, repair bicycles, and tighten faucets.

Crowbar or Prybar

Crowbars are used to pry open objects of break apart materials that are fastened together. Their curved end can also be used to remove nails. They also are a great prop for a Halloween costume if you are dressing up like a criminal from an 80’s movie!

Measuring Tape

Maybe you are really terrific at guessing how long or tall something is without having to measure it. For the rest of us, a ruler or measuring tape is a very useful item. A standard, 12 foot measuring tape will work just fine for most at home DIY projects. These also come in handy when you are moving and need to measure furniture.

Wrap Up

There you have it. You are ready to become a handyman or a handywoman. It is time to go out there and pick up your tools and get cracking at all of those projects that you have been wanting to get done for some time now. Just remember to ask for help when you need it. What tool do you think is the most needed one? Let us know! 

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