Top 5 Best ATV Winch Reviews: The Guide You Need To Know

With the allure of ATVs, a market developed for ATV winches, and that's why you're here. This guide will provide an in-depth look at what's required to find the Best Winches for ATV before reviewing a collection of ATV winches available on the market right now.

How To Choose The Best Winches for ATV

The best place to start while discussing ATV winches is to understand how to choose one to suit your needs.

I will use personal experience to highlight what should be considered before a decision is made. Each factor listed below could play a role in your decision and should carry importance in the long-term.

1. Rope Material

How To Choose The ATV Winch


An ATV winch will come with one of two features. It will either include a synthetic or steel rope.

The rope material can play a major role as it helps secure a load and hold it in place without breaking. A steel rope is sturdy and can hold a larger amount of weight, but it comes with safety concerns. A user handling an ATV winch with steel rope is highly recommended to maintain distance in case the rope gives out. If the rope does break, it can do damage, and it's best to remain aware while handling large hauls. However, in general, an ATV winch with steel rope should provide ample value and isn't going to break unless you push it to the edge.

I've also used synthetic rope, and it can provide considerable quality. With constant research taking place, synthetic rope s stronger than ever before and won't melt in hotter conditions.

2. Pulling Efficiency

How well does the ATV winch pull your load?

This is a question you want to ask while searching through various options. Pulling efficiency helps illustrate how much weight a winch can pull before giving out. The rule of thumb is 1.5 times the weight of your ATV. This provides enough leverage while handling larger loads.

Please note, the rope material will also alter the pulling efficiency as mentioned above. A steel rope might handle a larger load in comparison to a synthetic rope.

In general, a powerful winch with a higher pulling efficiency is often a better option if other features check out.

3. Safety

Getting an ATV winch that's unsafe is a risky proposition.

It's important to ask this question in my opinion. Usage matters since one person might be hauling smaller loads while another is going to push near capacity every day. If capacity does matter, please take a look at that number before purchasing an ATV winch.

Pushing near capacity can be a major risk and might lead to long-term damage. This is why usage does play a role and should be accounted for in the long-term. The moment usage is taken out of the equation; the ATV winch might fail to provide adequate results.

4. Usage

​What is the ATV winch going to be used for?

​It's important to ask this question in my opinion. Usage matters since one person might be hauling smaller loads while another is going to push near capacity every day. If capacity does matter, please take a look at that number before purchasing an ATV winch.

​Pushing near capacity can be a major risk and might lead to long-term damage. This is why usage does play a role and should be accounted for in the long-term. The moment usage is taken out of the equation; the ATV winch might fail to provide adequate results.

5. ​Weight

​Look at the weight of the ATV winch itself


​Look at the weight of the ATV winch itself.

​How much does it weigh? I have noticed ATV winches come out on the heavier side leading to reduced capacity numbers. If the ATV winch is heavy, it takes away from the load being pulled. Remember, the ATV winch is attached to the ATV, and its weight does matter.

​A heavier ATV winch might be the reason a larger load can't move from one place to another.

​Choose an ATV winch that's lighter in weight but maintains a higher capacity. This can lead to an easier experience whether it's used for construction or hauling timber.

6. ​Price

​What is the price for your next ATV winch?

​The average person reading this guide will know the importance of a budget. You won't go into the market without a set price in mind. In general, the market is full of exciting options at varying price points. On average, an ATV winch is going to cost $250 or less.

​Keep this in mind while going through the market and picking out a new ATV winch. The right deal will be one where the features, performance, and durability match up to the price point. If not, it's better to keep looking.

7. ​Clutch

​While using the ATV winch, it will be reliant on the clutch

​What is the clutch? It is the part that is going to reel in the rope when it is attached to a load. The right clutch could make the difference between wasting time and immediately securing the load into place. It will avoid pulling against the gears and as a result, make the process a smoother one.

Top 5 ATV Winch Reviews For The Money 2019

Superwinch 1135220 Terra



  • Wiring and Terminals Are Well-Built Ensuring It Is Easy To Use
  • 1.6 HP Motor Provides Exceptional Leverage With Heavier Loads
  • Dynamic Braking Activates Easily And Protects ATV
  • Steel Wire Rope Is Able To Manage Larger Loads
  • Free-Spooling Clutch Is Easy to Use And Helps Protects Steel Rope From Damage
  • Produces 10.2 Feet Per Minute (3,500) For Efficient Pulling
  • Easy To Install With Included Mounting Plate
  • Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty To Help Verify Durability Claims From Superwinch


  • Battery Cables Are Shorter Than Expected
  • Wire Can Start To Kink If Not Wound Gently
  • The Instruction Manual Could Provide Greater Detail
  • Can Make Noises While Working On Larger Load

Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch



  • 10 Foot Remote Power Switch Helps Handle Larger Loads
  • Can Handle Steep Terrain or Mud With Ease
  • Quiet Operation From Start To Finish
  • Fully Sealed Motor Is Convenient In Harsher Weather Conditions (Snow or Rain)
  • Lightweight Synthetic Rope Can Handle Its Own Under Duress Providing Faster Line Pull
  • Powder-coated Hawse Fairlead Ensures The Rope Doesn't Wear Down Over Time
  • Mini-Rocker Switch Is Responsive And Hugs Onto The Handlebar For Convenient Use While Pulling
  • Includes Dynamic Braking For Safer Usage In Tough Conditions
  • Doesn't Eat Up Power Through The Charging System Ensuring Long-term Use Is Possible
  • Installation Is Easy Once The Mounting Plate Is In Sync With ATVs Requirements
  • Pulls Fast At 2,000 Capacity To Help With "At Capacity" Loads
  • Differential Planetary Gear Train Helps Manage Tough Conditions
  • Winch Is Adequately Sealed With Anti-Corrosive Material Ensuring Reduced Wear and Tear In Snowy Conditions
  • Permanent Magnet Motor Provides Ample Range and Pulling Power


  • Free Spool Knob Doesn't Engage Efficiently
  • Instruction Manual Could Be Clearer
  • Wires Could Be Longer For Taller ATVs
  • Side Plates Could Be Removable To Help With Wiring
  • Takes Time To Get Used To Once Installed And Put Into Place With ATV

Superwinch (1140230) Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch



  • Heavy-Duty Performance With Tremendous Line Speed Regardless Of Load
  • Flexible Switch Mounting Locations For Easier Use In Different Situations
  • Compact Unit Despite 4,000 lb Capacity Meaning It Is Ideal For Smaller ATVs
  • 50' of 3/16" Dyneema Synthetic Rope Is As Durable As Steel Rope
  • 1.4 horsepower Permanent Magnet Motor Is Perfect And Helps Complement The 4,000 lb Capacity
  • Comes In At A Mere 22 Lbs Ensuring It Doesn't Hold Back The ATV
  • Free Spooling Option Is Ideal And Helps Eliminate Damage On Synthetic Rope For Added Durability
  • Dynamic Braking Is Actively Included And Helps With Safety of User and ATV
  • Does Not Get Damaged While Using With Larger ATV While Still Maintaining Its Efficiency
  • Handheld Remote Provides Added Flexibility While Handling Tighter Situations and Needing More Control
  • Response of Remote Is Accurate, Fast, and Efficient For ATV User Once Put Into Motion To Haul Load


  • Power Connectors Are Softer Than Expected Leading To Potential Decay In The Long-Term
  • Battery Cables Can Be Short For Taller ATVs
  • Does Not Include Junction Box To Help Store Wires and Connectors
  • Wiring Diagram Could Provide Greater Detail During Installation Process

Keeper Corporation KT2000 Trakker 1-Horsepower 12 Volt Electric Winch



  • 1-Horsepower 12 Volt DC electric motor Is Incredibly Powerful Without Eating Into One's Energy Supply
  • The Handheld Remote Switch Is Easy To Use And Provides Accurate Results
  • Includes Plenty of Cable To Help With Longer Requirements or Taller ATVs Depending on the Situation
  • Offers Predictable Rates of Lift and Power To Help Manage Specific Loads
  • Dynamic Brake Holds Well While Looking To Release Power
  • Easy To Mount Into Place With ATV and Comes With Clear Instructions For User
  • Pull and Turn Free Spool Clutch Ensures The Pulling Is Stress-Free and Doesn't Get in the Way
  • Mounting Plate Is Durable Due To Its Metal Bead Setup
  • The Hand Saver Snap Is An Ideal Feature To Have While Hooking to the Winch Since It Helps To Pay Out The Rope For Superior Performance


  • Rope Can Start To Fray If The Spooling Goes Wrong (User Is Recommended To Pay Attention To This While Hauling Load)
  • Comes With Large Relay and Might Require Closer Attachment While Installing Into Place
  • Unit Is Heavy For Its Size And Can Impact How The ATV Performs With "At Capacity" Loads
  • Makes A Lot of Noise While Being Used

Warn 90251 ProVantage 2500-S Winch



  • Instruction Manual Is In-Depth and Provides Clear Information On How to Set Up the Mounting Plate and Wiring
  • Offers Quiet and Smooth Operation Once Used To Haul Load
  • Fantastic Mini Rocker Control Switch Providing Safer Operation While Handling Larger Loads
  • The Line Pull of 2,500 lbs is Consistent and Provides Quality Results In Snow or Mud
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead Is Substantially Built and Ensures The Load Is Managed Easily
  • The Fully Sealed Motor Is Protected From External Conditions and Manages Well After Being Set Up
  • The Roller Disk Brake Is Safe To Use and Ensures A User Can Manage In Almost Any Situation
  • 50-feet of 3/16 inch Synthetic Rope Is Great And Stands Up To The Quality Seen With Steel Rope Variants On The Market
  • The Three-Stage Planetary Gear Train Works Well With "At Capacity" Loads and Ensures The Load Doesn't Give Out In Snowy Conditions
  • Comes With 3-Year Electrical and Lifetime Warranty To Help Back Durability Claims By Warn


  • Can Be Termed As Being Pricier Than Other Options On The Market
  • Batteries Come Discharged and Have To Be Charged Before Using Remote
  • Could Use Extra Battery Power For Mud-based Conditions
  • Does Not Include Eye Connectors

Final Verdict

So, who is the winner of this race to be the best ATV winch on the market?

I have scoured the market to find the best options and the five listed here were ideal contenders. Each option brings something unique and is a valuable choice, but the stand-out option has to be Superwinch 1135220 Terra. This is an exceptional product with all the right features built-in.

It comes with incredible line pull metrics, dynamic safety features, and an easy to use free-spooling clutch that is required to help reduce decay. This ATV winch stands out because it can provide an all-encompassing package at a fair price point ensuring users can get the best of both worlds in one product.

As mentioned, I look for a few details with any ATV winch such as the safety, line pull metrics, price, weight, and usage.

While considering all of these factors and rating these ATV winches, the one that continued to stand out was the Superwinch 1135220 Terra. It is an elite ATV winch that is designed to handle inclement weather or road conditions without causing distress.

It's a fantastic choice for those who are looking to pick a top-rated ATV winch and are weighing the pros/cons of each product. It holds its own for every possible metrics.

Top 5 Best ATV Winch Reviews: The Guide You Need To Know
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