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Choosing the best shower curtains alongside with best shower head with hose is an absolute necessity in every bathroom, there’s simply no way you can avoid having it. Imagine having a bathroom with no shower curtain, that would be an absolute mess! But there’s more to the curtain than just the functionality. Bathroom curtain can also be a great way to add personalized touch to your bathroom. As you’re most likely not going to have colored toilet, sink or surfaces, curtain is where you can express the creativity. But, with all the diversity in different materials, styles and characteristics, choosing a new bathroom curtain can become a real challenge. In this article I’m going to tell you about all the different types, materials and unique characteristics so you could choose the best shower curtains for your bathroom.

Choose the right size

First things first. While the most interesting part is choosing the design, first you must find out what’s the right size for your curtain. Shower curtain’s main function still is – protecting your bathroom from water splashing around, therefore it can’t be too small. Too large will also cause problems, it will get dirty quicker and a curtain that is too large simply does not look good.

The standard shower curtain is sized at 72” x 72”, but your bathroom might not be standard-sized. If you have a standing stall shower, you might need a stall curtain, which usually is 54” x 78”, but if your shower has high ceilings, you might need a curtain sized at 72” x 84” or even 72” x 96” if your bathroom ceiling is extra high. For those who have clawfoot bathtub shower, extra wide – 108” x 72” is usually the right fit.

How to measure the right size

Measure from the top of the tub until bottom of the rod, if you have a built in tub - add an inch or two to the length. This extra inch or two will ensure that water won’t leak outside the tub.

For the clawfoot bath tub owners measuring is a little more complicated. To make sure the curtain will be in the right size, the best way to go is – measure the length and width of the tub and purchase a track that fits the dimensions (unless you already have one). Then simply buy the extra wide curtain and adjust the height so it doesn’t hang too low but appears to rest comfortably on the tub.

How To Choose Best Shower Curtains


Now, when you have found the right size, let’s get to the type of material. There are several different choices, each having their own characteristics. I will describe each of them so you could choose the best shower curtains for your needs (and taste).


If you’re looking for affordable, long-lasting curtain, that is low maintenance and even has some water repellent characteristics, that prevent molding – synthetic curtain is your best choice. They are cheap, durable and don’t require regular cleaning. They are usually made from nylon or polyester, in some cases, they can also be a mix of cotton and nylon.


These are the most popular curtains, and it’s not hard to guess why. They have excellent water repellant properties (and they dry very quickly), they don’t shrink, and they are non-flammable, but I guess that’s not the top priority when it comes to bathroom curtains.


If you want your curtain not just to serve as curtain, but also as a design element – fabric curtain is your best choice. They are usually made of linen or cotton and can be bought in different thicknesses. They do cost more than other materials, but the feel and look of them make it worthwhile. Fabric curtains are also the most susceptible for molding, as they dry slowly, but that shouldn’t stop you from choosing fabric curtains. They can be simply washed in a washing machine (very few fabric curtains require dry cleaning). But, even though some of them have water-repelling properties, they are the least waterproof, therefore require a liner, which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

Curtain liner

How to know if you even need a curtain liner? Well, if it’s fabric – you definitely need one. Other materials usually don’t require a liner, but if the instructions suggest it – get it, as the liner serves as protector for your curtains. It might be less important for low-priced curtains, but if you have fancy, high-quality fabric, especially silk or rayon – you must have it, to protect your curtain.

When it comes to sizing – make sure it reaches all the way down to the floor and between two walls. Standard sized liner is 70” x 72”, but there are also extra-long or extra wide options.

Regarding the material, fabric is a better choice as it can be washed in the washing machine. If you choose different material, at least choose one that has mold resistant properties – it will make your life much easier.


Now, the material is chosen, and it’s clear whether the liner is needed or not. It’s time for the most exciting part – choosing the design. You have basically two options:


Solid shower curtain. They come in every color and every shade you can imagine. This is a great choice for a blending, subtle look (unless you get the bright pink one!).

Pattern Curtain

If you want to give your bathroom a special, personalized touch , choose one with patterned design. When choosing a patterned curtain, try to think about the rest of interior in your home or – make your bathroom a special place and go for something fun. There are endless choices with designs, you will definitely find one that fits your taste.

Top treatment

Most of the curtain tops are made with holes for rings or hooks, that get attached to the curtain rod. They are available in many different materials, ranging from metal and acrylic to wood and ceramic. They also come in all shapes and sizes, making it easier to find the perfect style.

However, if rings and hooks annoy you with the time-consuming removal and attachment, you can also find curtains that simply slide on your curtain road. Now, that’s convenient!


Now you have become an expert in shower curtains, and you can find the best shower curtains that will give your bathroom new, fresh look. You know how to measure the right size, choose the most fitting material for your needs and I believe you have great design ideas too. 

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