A Guide to Packing and Moving Garden Tools and Supplies

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Congratulations on moving to your new home very soon. This might be a very exciting time for you but at the same time, it might be very stressful for you to pack and transport all the home belongings. One of the most difficult jobs to do is packing and moving the garden supplies because of the fragility and awkward shapes of these tools. They are often sharp and heavy in weight making the job of handling them tougher. One of the things that people have in their mind is that they will require a wholesome truck to pack the garage stuff. But this is not true as reported by the best furniture movers associated with Moving Apt. the experts say that when you organize things, you will find out that there are a lot of items which you no longer need. The process does not have to be hard for you too, so follow these simple tips to make the entire transportation of garden supplies easier for you.  

Start with sorting of tools

The very first step you have to do is to sort out items before packing them for transportation. Make an inventory and decide what items are worth the transportation costs. You should not bother with packing those things which you are not going to use there. 

Prepare tools for packing

It is not a good option to transit goods with grime, dust, and dirt. Cleaning these items before packing is a good option. You should dry and clean garden accessories first. 

Gather necessary packing supplies

The nature of the items is unique therefore special packing supplies are to be required. Collect packing supplies such as different sizes of boxes depending upon the size of items, paper or padding stuff to fill in the extra space, moving blankets, packing tape, and so on. Have enough of the packing supplies and don’t need to buy these over and over again. 

Hand tools require smaller boxes 

Choosing the right boxes is great to make things easier to handle. If you use a large moving box and pack these into a large one then you won’t even be able to lift it from the ground until you are not a superhero. Smaller hand tools require a small yet sturdy box to pack. Also, make sure you use enough padding so that items do not get any space around to move into during the transportation. 

Packing of power tools

When it comes to power tools, they should be packed inside the original boxes. If you don’t have the original cases of these then small sturdy boxes are a good option that is almost the size of the tool. 

Gas-powered tools 

Tools like lawn mowers and such items require additional care when handling. Be sure you first drain the entire gas present into the equipment at first. Use a hand pump and then let the appliances idle to drain the fuel completely. Hired professionals won’t move any equipment if it contains any amount of fuel into the tank. Even after draining fuel, disconnect spark plugs. 

Garden tools 

There are sharp garden tools, lawn shears, and shovels present out there in the garden that is required to be wrapped in a good manner before transporting. Long-handled Garden tools should be bundled together using braided nylon twine and then wrapped in padding for an additional layer of protection. 

Outdoor garden furniture items 

Disassemble the garden furniture items as much as it is possible. Remove the cushions and before packing these cushions, you should dry and clean these first. Then pack the furniture items into the boxes to transport. To keep the items safe and protected, wrapping these into the moving blanket is good.  

Items that can’t be moved!!!

  • Movers won’t pack hazardous and flammable materials such as gasoline, paint, other chemicals, and so on. 
  • Explosives and corrosive items 
  • Tools or equipment that contains fuel inside it 
  • Fertilizers, plants, or anything like that.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Garden tools help you in revamping the look of your garden. Using good quality packing supplies is important. Also, for a successful move, be sure you label each box carefully that describes what is present inside the boxes. This lets the movers know how they should handle a particular box so that the items can easily be transported to the destination without causing any damage to them. 

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