5 Reasons to Put in Ceiling Fans

If your home doesn’t have ceiling fans, you’re missing out on a stylish home fixture with a number of features that can make your home more comfortable and sustainable.

Ceiling fans create airflow that can make you feel cooler in the summer and can even warm you up in the winter. Ceiling fans cost pennies to operate, since they use very little power, and today’s modern fans have a range of features to make them easier to use and more useful. Here’s why you should put ceiling fans in your home.

1) They’ll Save You Money

If you’re relying on air conditioning to keep you comfortable in the summer, you’re throwing money away. A ceiling fan can make it feel up to four degrees cooler in the room without the need to turn down the thermostat. You’ll save money by turning down the A/C. On average, it costs just $0.004 cents an hour to run a large ceiling fan in the U.S.

The savings last into the winter, too. Warm air leaves your vents and then quickly ascends to the top half of your room, where you can’t feel it. At the same time, cooler air sinks to the bottom half of the room, and can make you feel chilly. By reversing the direction of your fan blades so that the fan blades turn clockwise, you can push warm air back down into the bottom half of the room, so you’ll actually get the benefit of running your HVAC and won’t have to keep turning the thermostat up.

2) They’re Sustainable

Ceiling fans are so much more sustainable than turning up your air conditioner. They can reduce your energy usage by as much as 40 percent in the summer and 10 percent in the winter, as long as you adjust the thermostat while using them. ENERGY STAR-rated fans are 60 percent more efficient than standard fans and fans with light fixtures. The best part is that you can use ceiling fans to reduce your energy footprint without experiencing any reduction in comfort.

3) Modern Ceiling Fans Have Great Features

These days, you can get so much more out of a ceiling fan than a pull chain and a light fixture. Today’s smart ceiling fans have a range of features like smart controls, temperature sensors, automated scheduling, smart home connectivity, and more. You could control your ceiling fan through an app on your phone or even by giving voice commands to your smart home device. Set your fan to switch on right before you get home from work, so your home can be fresh and cool when you walk in. You can even find smart fans that will sense the temperature in the room and come on automatically when it reaches a certain threshold. You can even buy dual-headed fans that allow you to direct air towards two different points in the room.

4) You’ll Be More Comfortable

If there’s one single reason to install ceiling fans in your home, it’s that they can make you so much more comfortable. A ceiling fan in the bedroom can help you sleep cool in the summer, and keep you warm in the winter. A ceiling fan in the kitchen can keep you from wilting while you work over a hot stove. Ceiling fans in the living area circulate air to keep you comfortable while you’re watching TV, hosting friends, or spending time together as a family. You’ll be cozier in the winter and cooler in the summer, and you won’t have to have a bunch of floor fans cluttering up the place.

5) They Look Stylish in Your Home

The days of your elderly aunt’s wood-and-rattan ceiling fans are over. These days, you can choose from a wide range of different ceiling fan designs and styles to choose fixtures that will look fantastic in your home. From sleek, minimalistic two- and three-blade designs to industrial-inspired cage fans and large nine-blade fans, there are so many options available to today’s homeowner. You can choose a fan that will blend in with your decor or one that will stand out and serve as a focal point for the room.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your home and cut your energy costs, ceiling fans are the way forward. Ceiling fans can look stylish and make your home so much more comfortable, not to mention sustainable. Start shopping for ceiling fans for your home today.

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