5 Best Benefits and Right Dosage of CBD Oil in Dogs Arthritis

Arthritis represents a prevalent health issue in numerous elderly dogs, particularly those of large breeds. It’s believed that around 20% of dogs will experience arthritis at some point in their lives.

If a dog is suffering from arthritis, you may be looking for a treatment that will help relieve their pain. CBD is an effective treatment for arthritis and joint pain in dogs.

This article will discuss the causes of arthritis in dogs and the five best benefits of CBD as a treatment. You will also understand how to measure CBD oil for dogs arthritis accurately.

What is Dog Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common condition that affects many dogs as they get old. It’s a degenerative joint disease that causes pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

It affects the bones by causing the cartilage to deteriorate. It makes it difficult for dogs to move around and decrease their quality of life.

The joint bones are the primary part of the legs that help dogs move. When a dog has arthritis, the cartilage wears down, making it difficult for the bones to move smoothly against each other. It results in pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Common Causes of Dog Arthritis

Here are the primary reasons why dogs suffer from joint bone problems:

1) Obesity

If your dog is overweight, they put undue stress on their joints, leading to health problems, including arthritis. If you think your dog may be overweight, speak with your veterinarian about the best way to help them lose weight safely.

A healthy weight is vital in preventing arthritis in dogs.

2) Poor Nutrition

A diet lacking specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can lead to joint problems, including arthritis. These elements are essential for maintaining strong, healthy bones and joints. Make sure your dog is eating high-quality food appropriate for their age, breed, and activity level.

Vitamins C and E, omega-fatty acids, and glucosamine are all essential for dogs suffering from arthritis. You can talk to a veterinarian about adding a supplement to your dog’s diet if you think they may benefit from it.

3) Joint Injuries

Joint injuries are a common cause of arthritis in dogs. Traumatic injuries can occur from car accidents, falls, or other accidents.

These injuries can damage the cartilage in the joints and lead to inflammation, pain, and eventually arthritis. It happens by the breakdown of cartilage, which is the tissue that cushions and protects the bones in your joints.

You may notice your dog limping or favoring one leg after an injury.

4) Joint Degeneration

Joint degeneration is a chronic condition that happens as your dog ages. It is a common type of arthritis in dogs. The cartilage in the joints starts to wear down, which leads to inflammation, pain, and eventually arthritis.

You may notice your dog slowing down or having difficulty getting up from naps. Stairs may become more complex, and they may start to limp.

5) Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic problem that can cause arthritis in dogs. It happens when the ball and socket of the hip joint don’t fit together correctly.

It can lead to the joint rubbing and wearing down over time, which causes pain and inflammation. Hip dysplasia is a common cause in dogs, especially large breeds.

Treatment Options for Dog Arthritis

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, taking them to the vet for a diagnosis is vital. Treatment options include weight management, physical therapy, joint supplements, pain medication, and surgery.

Some pet owners are also turning to CBD for their dogs with arthritis.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Here are some benefits of treating osteoarthritis in pets with CBD:

1) CBD is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can help reduce pain and swelling associated with arthritis.

CBD oil can be administered orally or topically, making it a versatile treatment option for dogs with arthritis.

2) It Contains No Psychoactive Properties

CBD oil for dog arthritis will not make your dog high, as it contains no psychoactive properties. It makes it a safe treatment option for dogs with arthritis.

If you’re considering using CBD oil to treat your dog facing this problem, talk to your veterinarian first. They can help you determine the best dosage and method of administration.

3) It Does Not Interact with Other Medications

CBD oil is safe in dogs, even if taking other medications. It does not interact with other medications, making it a safe and effective treatment option.

A study published in the Frontiers of Veterinary Science found that CBD oil effectively reduced pain and inflammation in dogs with osteoarthritis.The study found that the dogs’ CBD oil is well tolerated, with no adverse side effect reported.

4) It has Long-Term Effects

CBD is not a permanent cure for arthritis, but it can provide long-term effects. For example, if your dog takes CBD regularly, it may experience less pain and inflammation. Additionally, it can help improve your dog’s quality of life by reducing their anxiety and improving their sleep.

5) It is Non-Addictive

CBD is non-addictive and does not produce THC’s same psychoactive effects. If you stop giving, your dog will not become addicted to it and will not experience any adverse side effects.

How to Measure the Right Dosage of CBD for Dogs?

Determining the correct dosage of CBD for your dog can be tricky. The ideal dose depends on other factors, including your dog’s weight, age, and the severity of their condition.

It is always best, to begin with, a low dose and gradually increase over time until you find the optimal amount.

Here’s how to measure it:

Calculate your dog’s weight in kilograms. For example, a 20-pound dog would be about 0.91 kg.

Next, find the low end of the dosage range. For a 20-pound dog, this would be 0.25 mg x 0.91 kg = 0.23 mg.

Now, add the high end of the dosage range to get your final amount. For a 20-pound dog, this would be 0.91 kg x 0.50 mg = 0.46 mg.

So, the final dosage range for a 20-pound dog would be between 0.23 mg and 0.46 mg per day. Start with the low end of the range and increase gradually until you see visible results.


CBD oil is an effective treatment option for dogs with arthritis. It can help reduce pain and inflammation and improve joint function.

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