4 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy and Safe

Maintaining the health and safety of you and your loved ones can be quite challenging, often seeming like an around-the-clock commitment. If you find this difficult, consider exploring our advice on how to begin.

Make exercise fun

The problem with exercise today is that it feels more like a chore than a side effect of a lifestyle, especially as a kid. Your children, presumably, don’t have to walk three miles to the mill to work, and instead are sitting at a desk for a majority of their day, much like a large proportion of the rest of us.

Added onto that, if they’re not the athletic type, PE can soon turn into a core memory being replayed to a therapist.

Try and avoid these problems by making exercise fun. Have dance parties, play games, and avoid competitiveness. If they’re no good at it, that just adds to the fun.

Schedule your check ups

There are a lot of things that need to be done annually to keep a healthy body. A lot of these things don’t have 24-hour service, however, so if you have a little one – or a few – that means a lot of time pulling yourself out of work and the kids out of school to get things done.

Physicals with the family doctor, dentist checkups, eye checks at the opticians, etc. They all build up. Instead of pulling your kid out every time you get an email or phone call reminding you that the youngest is due his physical and the eldest is due an eye check, schedule them all on the one day. Inform the school that you are taking your kids out of school for one day to get all their appointments done at once, rather than missing a morning here, an afternoon there.

Now, this might be easier said than done. You might have to go with what’s available, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

Get the family dog checked

You’re always going to want a healthy fur baby, even an elderly fur baby who is slowing down. You love them, your kids love them, and they want them to be healthy.

But there is a secondary reason that you should get your pets checked once in a while: ticks. Ticks, fleas and other bugs like to come into the house via the pets, like the dogs and cats, and then make a home for themselves amongst your furnishings, making for a very itchy family – who can contaminate other kids.

If you find any ticks or fleas you can’t remove yourself under a pet insurance plan, you shouldn’t have to fork over your entire wallet to visit the vet. Pet insurance can even cover long term conditions in your pets so you don’t need to panic every time they need treatment for an ongoing problem.

Make sure the family car is in good condition

There is something else that needs a health checkup in the family: the family car. Dodging an MOT will outright result in a fine and is illegal, but you should also get your car serviced annually. At best, a small problem can turn into a big problem over time, so it would be best to catch it early, but at worst, the unthinkable could happen.

Make sure your oil is changed, your tires are of legal tread depth, your brake and signal lights are functional and that your battery is in good condition.

All of this can be checked by a mechanic, as well as anything else they can think of that might cause a problem down the line, so put your car in its health check for a day just to make sure everything is working right. 

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