What Makes a High-Quality Dining Chair Set?


The type of materials creating the dining chair will determine its cost, aesthetics, and durability. It is essential, therefore, to consider these characteristics before settling on a dining chair set. Additionally, some buyers may prefer a modern style on the styles, while others may opt for chairs in a vintage design. All these characteristics combine to provide the individual with their desired dining room aesthetic. Some dining rooms may require a formal feel, where the style needs to hold a more neutral outlook, with neutral colours and uniformity. In many formal dining rooms, the chairs and table have to match with the room. Formal settings also require plain fabric to achieve that serious outlook. On the other hand, consider mix-matching the chairs for a fun family setting, including different coloured chairs, with different design styles.


The materials used for the dining chairs will also determine whether the set will last long or not. Generally, wooden and metallic dining chairs and tables land longer than plastic ones, though they tend to be more expensive. However, some plastic made dining chairs are sturdy and can last as long as the wooden and metallic ones if used appropriately. The materials will also determine the comfort levels of the dining chairs; chairs with added materials like leather and fabric will be more comfortable than plain wood or metal chairs. Further, the added materials will also add to the chairs’ likeability. Choose sturdy materials like hardwood chairs or strong metal, which will improve the chair’s durability, even when they get mishandled by children or guests.

Size and shape

The size of dining chairs also matters when determining the quality of chairs to buy. Dining chairs come in different heights and design shapes, some meant for formal settings, children, or outdoor use. Consequently, making the right decision on these aspects will determine whether the chairs will be used for generations or whether they’ll get replaced every few years. Additionally, the size and shape will determine how many chairs can get set up around the dining table. Chairs with arm-rests are comfortable sitting in but taking up more space, limiting the number of people who can sit around a table. When hosting a crowd, it is much better to choose armless chairs. Lakeland Furniture provides customers with various sized and designed chairs that suit different people and occasions.


Scalability with dining chairs is paramount, as it provides room for adding more chairs when guests are many or minimizing proximity when necessary, like during the pandemic. Consequently, when choosing a quality ding chair set, consider their mobility, such that they can easily get moved from one location to another when necessary. Stackable chairs are growing in popularity since they can get adjusted depending on requirements. For small gatherings, guests can comfortably sit on a set of two or three chairs without affecting comfort. These can get separated with ease when necessary without compromising on comfort. Further, stackable chairs are a good choice since they can get used to different dining tables if the owner decides to buy a larger or smaller table without changing the chairs.

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