Top Tips on How to Create Value for Customers

Many companies struggle with how to make their products stand out. How can they get people to pay attention to what they’re offering? How can they get their customers to want more of it? What makes their company different from their competitors, and what are the key benefits of buying their products or services? There’s a simple solution to this question: you need to communicate what your product does concisely and compellingly. When customers understand what they get when they buy your product, they’ll be more likely to buy it because they know how much they’ll benefit from making the purchase. If you don’t know how to communicate what you do effectively, then here are a few quick tips according to Kelvin Fu John Hopkins alumni to get you started:

1. Focus on improving buying process

Your buyers have questions. If your product is complex or has lots of features, you must have answers for them. You will need to provide solutions about your product and services and answer their questions clearly and quickly. For example, sell products or services to real estate agents or contractors. They may have questions about whether they should buy software that can track real estate transactions, or they may have questions about pricing or the availability of particular features. By answering those questions and providing them with the information they want, you will trust the customer and you.

2. Make unique products

If there is one thing that stands out about your company or product, you need to make sure that the product is different from the competition. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling coffee, insurance, or automobiles. If your product or service isn’t unique, why should anyone care? Your product or service may be different because it offers new or unique solutions for problems. That could be a new or more efficient way to perform some tasks. That can be as simple as making the user interface of an application easier to use or as complex as offering a completely new solution.

3. Make the benefits clear

You need to communicate the benefits of buying your product or services, but it must be easy to understand. If someone is looking at the products on a website, then the first thing they will see will be a product description. You must provide a brief and concise description of the features and benefits of the product to allow them to decide if they want to buy it. Don’t talk down to your customers; instead, speak to them in their language and engagingly and compellingly.

4. Provide customer support

If you provide customer support for your product or service, you need to communicate clearly that you are there to help them. You also need to communicate that you’re happy to help them with questions or problems that they might have, even when they are trying to decide whether to buy your product or services. That is where you can differentiate yourself from the competition. When people are buying your product or services, they will have questions.

5. Choose the best marketing strategy

The most effective way to market your product or service is to communicate to the right audience, which requires a lot of research. You will want to research what messages work best for your products or services, what platforms your customers prefer, how to communicate effectively, and how to measure results.

6. Provide incentives

You should always have some incentive to get people to buy your product or service, but not everyone’s the same. For example, if you sell products or services to retail, you’ll want to offer incentives for using your product. On the other hand, if you sell products or services to businesses, you’ll probably want to incentivize companies to buy multiple products or services.

The last step in establishing trust is to build relationships with your customers. When someone comes to your site, they are coming with specific intent. You need to communicate this intent and make sure that they feel that you and your company have the same interests. You must also make sure that they trust you and believe that they can get what they want from you and your company.


A solid customer base is essential to business success. According to tips from Kelvin Fu John Hopkins alumni, the key is to be clear about what you want, create a great user experience, be helpful when people ask questions, and create a great customer support system. There will be a lot of competition, so it’s essential that you do everything to differentiate yourself from the other companies in the market. If you do these things, then you’ll be able to establish trust with your customers, build relationships, and make them a part of your business.

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