Tips for a Smooth Transition: Moving from Calgary to Edmonton

Description: Relocating from Calgary to Edmonton? Worry not! Explore these professional recommendations for an effortless shift and ensure your relocation is without any troubles.

Moving between cities is not just a physical transition but also an emotional and mental one. Moving from Calgary to Edmonton signifies not only changing your address but adapting to a whole new environment.

In this guide, we go beyond just logistics, diving deep into the nuances of what makes each city unique and how you can best prepare for this exciting new chapter.

Researching Edmonton

Understanding the City Layout

Downtown Edmonton, with its bustling arts district and Whyte Avenue’s historic buildings in Old Strathcona, provide contrasting experiences of the city’s diverse layout.

By understanding these nuances, you can make an informed choice about the best neighbourhoods to align with your lifestyle.

Local Culture and Vibe

Edmonton has been lovingly dubbed “Canada’s Festival City.” It hosts a myriad of events throughout the year, from deep winter celebrations to vibrant summer festivals.

The city’s arts scene is particularly rich, offering a distinct cultural experience compared to Calgary.

Facilities and amenities

Edmonton’s extensive river valley park system, the largest urban park in North America, offers a wealth of recreational opportunities.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who enjoys leisurely walks, familiarizing yourself with these green spaces can enhance your Edmonton experience.

Pre-Move Planning

Creating a Timeline

Include smaller tasks in your timeline, like when to cancel or transfer magazine subscriptions or when to update your address for online shopping platforms.

These small tasks, when accumulated, can be time-consuming, so plan accordingly.


Research Edmonton’s local markets and eateries. Sometimes, local produce or cuisines can be more affordable and fresher than chain store options, aiding in your budgeting process.

Hiring Professional Movers vs. DIY

If you’re leaning towards a DIY move, consider the time and energy required, especially when managing bulky or fragile items. Experienced movers, on the other hand, often provide packing services, ensuring items are safe during transit.

Sorting and Decluttering

Take this opportunity to digitize important paperwork or photos, reducing the physical items you need to move. This not only declutters but also serves as a backup for essential documents.

Handling Important Documents

Medical Records

Consider doing a health check before you leave Calgary. Having recent medical records can aid your new healthcare provider in Edmonton, ensuring a continuation of care.

School Records

If your child has specific educational needs or has been involved in extracurricular activities, make sure to communicate this to the new school for a smoother transition.

Updating Address

Some services, like streaming platforms or online retailers, might have regional restrictions or offers. Ensure you update your address to avail of any location-specific benefits.

Preparing for Day-to-Day Life in Edmonton


While the LRT and buses are efficient, Edmonton also has a network of bike lanes. Depending on your location, cycling can be an eco-friendly and health-conscious commuting option.

Weather Considerations

Edmonton’s longer winter nights are perfect for viewing the Northern Lights. So, while the cold might be a bit more biting, there are natural spectacles to look forward to.

Local Communities and Networking

Check out local bulletin boards or community websites. They often list events, workshops, or meetups, which are wonderful ways to immerse yourself in Edmonton’s vibrant community.

Establishing early connections can ease the settling-in process and make your transition to city living more enjoyable.

Settling in Edmonton

Setting Up Your New Home

Upon your arrival, prioritize utilities like water, electricity, and internet. Familiarize yourself with local waste management schedules, and consider subscribing to local newspapers or magazines to get a feel for local happenings.

Introducing Yourself to Neighbours

A simple gesture, like sharing a homemade dish or just dropping by to say hello, can go a long way in fostering a sense of community. It’s these personal interactions that turn a house into a home.

Emergency Contacts

List down essential numbers—from medical services to local police stations. Consider joining neighbourhood watch programs or community groups that focus on safety and welfare.

Embracing the New Experience

Local Attractions

Explore Edmonton’s landmarks, from the Muttart Conservatory’s pyramid greenhouses to the historic Fort Edmonton Park. These attractions provide a blend of education and entertainment, making weekends memorable.

Maintaining Ties with Calgary

With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Set regular virtual meetups with friends and family back in Calgary, ensuring that distance doesn’t dilute your bonds.

Adjustment Tips

Give yourself time. Every move, especially between such vibrant cities, comes with its set of challenges. Engage in familiar activities, join local hobby clubs, or indulge in comfort food once in a while to alleviate homesickness.


Moving from Calgary to Edmonton is undeniably a significant transition. However, with the right resources, a positive mindset, and an eagerness to embrace the new, the journey promises to be rewarding.

As you settle in and explore the intricacies of Edmonton, you’ll find that both cities, in their unique ways, have much to offer.

Embrace the adventure, cherish the memories from Calgary, and look forward to creating new ones in Edmonton. Welcome to your new home!

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