How To Get Ready For a Move

Relocating from one house to another can be a challenging experience. There are many steps you must accomplish before the truck arrives to take your things. When you make a list of what needs to be done, sort through your possessions, and pack what you are taking ahead of time, the process will be smoother for you. Here are a few steps to follow as you get ready for a move. 

Determine What Must Be Done Before Moving Day

There are many things that you must have ready when moving day arrives. The more you are able to accomplish, the smoother the process will flow and the quicker you can get to your new place. Contact your local U-Haul Movers to schedule a team and truck to transport your belongings. You will want to do this as soon as you can to ensure that they will be available to help you. Contact your utility companies and inform them of the date that they can turn off your power, gas, and phone line. If you are moving to another part of town, give them your new address and when they can turn everything on there. Pick up boxes, tape, and markers to have on hand when you begin packing your things. Develop a calendar and write down important events on it in order to keep track of what will be happening until you are ready to go.

Decide What You Are Taking With You

One advantage to moving from one home to another is that you are able to sort through your belongings and only take what you still use or want to keep. Start this process several weeks before the day you intend to leave. It may take you a while to get through it all. Take a close look at  the items you are going to throw out and determine if they should go into the trash or could be reused. Depending on the size, you may have to rent a dumpster to dispose of them. For products that are still reusable, you can donate these products to a charity or second hand store. You can also have a garage sale and raise a little extra cash to finance your move. 

Start Packing What You Own

You can start packing your belongings as you are sorting what you own. You will want to be sure that it is done well before the day you are leaving. Pay close attention to the size of the box and what will go in it. Avoid putting heavier items, such as books, in a large container because it will be difficult to carry. They should be in a smaller box so it is manageable. Have soft packaging materials on hand to wrap fragile things in. This can be tissue paper, packing peanuts, or towels. Write where in your new home the bin should go to make the process easier for the movers. This should be large enough for them to notice. 

Load the Truck On Moving Day

On the day that the moving truck arrives, explain to the employees where things are. In the event that you are relocating your items yourself, be aware of where you place boxes in the vehicle. Appliances should be left open a crack in order to air out. Mirrors and other fragile items must be wrapped in something secure to protect them as you travel. You can use a comforter, thick towels, or a specialized blanket meant for this purpose. Put smaller containers with breakable products on top of heavier ones. This will keep them safe and stop them from getting smashed in the process. Consult your list to be sure that you handled everything on it and each task has been checked off. Once you arrive at your new place, ensure that all of your possessions are put in the right room so you can unpack them. Moving from one house to another involves many steps and quite a bit of work. When you take care with packing, make a list of things to do, and are sure to bring what you want with you, you can make the process easier on yourself and everyone who is assisting you. 

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