Revitalize Your Living Space With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a creative practice rooted in ancient Eastern philosophical principles aimed at establishing harmony, equilibrium, and peace within a living space, thereby reflecting the same within an individual. It operates on the belief that a well-balanced home promotes personal well-being, theorizing that positive energy is generated when everything at home is aligned and in harmony.

Internal and external factors in your abode affect you and your state of mind. Your home’s shape, furniture arrangement, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and study all have an invisible emotional/psychological impact on you. Your home’s layout and the electromagnetic energy emitted by your smart devices can affect you positively or negatively. Lightning, plants, water, and the air can all have a significant impact on your mental well-being.

In Feng Shui, there are five elements. These elements work both autonomously and contemporaneously to bring peace and energy to your space.

  • The first is air, used to enhance inventiveness. Air also represents aspects such as durability, parturition, health, adaptability, and presentiment. The use of air in a space should be well-balanced, as too much air can be overwhelming, headstrong, and unrelenting. Too much air can lead to a lack of creativity, ambivalence, and depression.
  • Fire adds energy and power. In the home, fire can inspire self-expression, influence, and determination. With fire, a perfect balance is essential. Too much of it can manifest as agitation, impatience, and unpremeditated behavior. On the other hand, not enough fire is often associated with emotional apathy, narrow-mindedness, lack of expression, and low self-respect.
  • Earth influences our natural vitality and order, giving us an overall feeling of groundedness, stability, and permanence. Too much sand and soil in a space can make you feel emotionally drained, sluggish, and weighty. Add an earthy element to your space with greens, browns, and sand colors.
  • Metal sways cognitive efficiency and reasoning. Metal affects one’s ability to organize, focus, direct and analyze. Too much metal can lead to talkativeness, overly rigorous thinking, and unconscious speech. Too little metal can lead to silence, anxiety, and lack of concentration.
  • Water dictates piousness and passion. A balance of water brings revelation, knowledge, enlightenment, and insight. Still, too much of this element can lead to unstable transitions and a sense of emotional drowning. The overabundance of water can lead to a lack of empathy, solitude, and anxiety.

How Feng Shui revitalizes your living space?

Helps you Declutter

Many people find decluttering a tough job. It can take days or even weeks to declutter. It is, therefore, better to start slowly, one room at a time. We suggest using self storage units to keep things that disbalance Feng Shui’s elements within your space, such as chunky furniture and excessive electrical appliances.

However, clutter is often invisible to the naked eye. In Feng Shui, even when it is hidden, it can block positive qi and energy flow. So when decluttering your bedroom, take a good look at what’s behind the bedroom wardrobe. If there is an adjoining bathroom, tidy up there too. In any case, all bathrooms need cleaning to create a calm and relaxing environment, which is what you want for your bedroom.

Boosts your energy levels

We’ve all been there when the day drags on, and we don’t know how we’ll manage to stay awake until the end. The idea behind Feng Shui is that your energy level is directly related to the space you’re in, whether it’s your home or office. We are all victims of overwork and congested/overbuilt schedules. We are pulled in more directions than we can handle, and this leads to exhaustion. The best way to relieve stress is to take a break. However, for various reasons, this may not be possible. One of the most important things we can do is clear out.

Creates positive energy

Do you often trip over furniture or carpets? Do you have trouble opening doors? Air needs to flow through everything in your home. Move furniture away from the walls, even if it’s just a few inches. Move furniture closer together to create a more spacious area. Make use of windows. Natural light is significant and brings a lot of energy. Never block your windows. Feng Shui often uses mirrors to reflect this energy to other parts of your home, but you don’t want this energy to leak out.


Aromatherapy is another Feng Shui method of calming the mind. Daily use of essential oils can purify, relax, lift the mood and create clean energy in the house. The artwork is also necessary for Feng Shui and is believed to increase the home’s energy. The artwork you choose should suit the needs of the room. The tone of the painting should match the tone of the room.

Brings Good-Luck

Bamboo is a vital element in Feng Shui. Not only is it a beautiful allusion to the earth element, but it is also a symbol of good luck. This plant is easy to care for and is believed to teach us higher wisdom. That is, how to have flexibility and emptiness so that the spirit can flow freely and heal your life.

Improves your health

Feng Shui in the home can support and improve your health as you age so that you can prosper in your career, help your loved ones, and enjoy good health and wealth. In short, Feng Shui affects every aspect of our lives.

Improves your Spiritual Health

Spiritual practice is only one of the fundamental methods of good Feng Shui. Every aspect of it can be used as a subtle tool to shape and enhance your life and well-being. A daily practice can help you become a better person and help create a better world in which we live.

When combined with the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui, it becomes more appropriate for modern life. Today’s demanding and busy lifestyles require us to find ways to improve our lives and achieve the balance we need.


A home with good Feng Shui is one in which all things are in harmony. There may be built-in Feng Shui elements or specific colors to enhance the space and create a sense of spiritual peace. Feng Shui is about balancing the animate and inanimate, the living and the cosmic energies, allowing the positive energy of the universe to flow through the space of your home.

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