Portable Storage Containers Are Changing the Spring-Cleaning Game

Spring cleaning serves as our prize for making it through the winter months. Though the task of dealing with cobweb-filled garages and mislabeled boxes in the basement might not feel like a reward, approaching household tasks with the correct equipment and resources can transform them into achievements, rather than chores.

While a whole-house clean feels like a big undertaking, there are resources that can help make it a breeze. The availability and affordability of portable storage containers have changed how homeowners, decorators and realtors alike coach this big job. These containers are the perfect addition to your cleaning supplies, allowing for extra space to hold furniture, clutter and precious items all while keeping them protected from the weather and out of harm’s way. Portable containers are leveling up the spring-cleaning game. If you are taking on home cleaning, redecorating or refreshing this spring, do it the right way with the tips below.

Plan Ahead

Spring cleaning can be daunting and one third of Americans would rather go to the DMV than get their home in tip top shape, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The key to a smooth clean is starting early.  A clean date should be set weeks or even months prior to ensure proper time to prepare and encourage you to hold yourself accountable. By planning ahead, you also ensure that you have time to get your portable container on site. The great news is, you can keep it for as long as you need it so there is no rush to get things in and out. Take your time knowing it is there if you need it and can be picked up at any time.

Decide a clean date or split it between multiple weekends. You can even get your whole family involved, delegating specific spaces to each family member to split up the work. That way everyone knows what they are responsible for and there is no confusion or overlap. Splitting the job can also help avoid burnout and ensure that each space receives the love it deserves, rather than rushing through it at the end of a busy cleaning day.


Decluttering your space prior to cleaning is essential for getting the deepest clean possible. Throughout the course of a year, clutter tends to pile up, making it difficult to see what you have, what you need, and what you need to get rid of. To make this process easier, try to declutter your space a few times a year. This way, extra stuff won’t pile up and it will make the spring-cleaning process easier when it comes around.

In order to declutter, you also need to purge your cleaning supplies. While this may seem unproductive, it can help you gauge which cleaning supplies you use the most and which you are able to get rid of to create space for more useful products. For instance, if you own a Swiffer and only have carpeted flooring, it may be time to ditch the Swiffer for a new vacuum. As for that cabinet full of supplies, check the expiration dates. Cleaning supplies can degrade over time and will no longer produce the desired effect. You may end up using more product to achieve the same results. If you have supplies that you want to remove for the sake of cleaning, but do not want to throw away, you can put them in your storage container and replace them when you are done. Getting the extra stuff out of the way will make getting to the nitty gritty much easier.

Get Under the Couch

Have you checked on your dust bunnies lately? Cleaning is not complete until you get under each of the furniture pieces in your house, big or small. Dust tends to collect underneath furniture such as beds and couches that don’t get moved very often. This is why it is crucial that you take the time to move those items and clean underneath.

You may be asking; How do I move my furniture? Where do I move it? How do I move furniture around if I live in a small home? The answer to all of these questions is to use a portable storage container. Removing your couch, bed and any other large items from the home will clear up space and allow you to clean thoroughly. Portable storage containers like those from 1-800-PACK-RAT allow you to pack everything into the unit in the comfort of your driveway or yard and transfer it all at once to storage without having to make multiple trips. It is also possible to keep the container on premise, if you prefer, which means that you will have 24/7 access to your things, no need to worry about hours or closing times.

Once you have moved the furniture into storage, you open the space to more than just cleaning. As important as cleaning, an empty space warrants projects like fresh paint or rearranging furniture. Take on any repairs to baseboards or wood floors at this time while your furniture is safely stowed and turn spring cleaning into redecorating. Additionally, many communities offer opportunities to have your home tested for energy efficiency. Professionals can test for drafts, even x-ray gaps and windows to advise on heating and cooling solutions that can improve your home’s bottom line.

Don’t Forget These Things

Before you put the cleaning supplies back under the sink until next year, don’t forget to freshen up forgotten items in your home. Before finishing your cleaning journey, remember to disinfect items such as remotes, trash cans, door handles, and handrails. These items can breed bacteria and although they are high traffic areas, they are often overlooked. Making sure to clean these rarely-thought-about items will take your home the extra mile and you can sleep easily at night knowing you didn’t miss anything.

Spring cleaning is a great way to prepare for the summer months and start a new season off on the right foot. By creating a plan, decluttering, using portable storage and delegating tasks, you can pull off the ultimate clean in no time and feel good doing it. Now, about that garage you’ve been avoiding…

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