How to Decorate Your Brand New Kitchen

Decorating a brand new kitchen requires careful planning and hard work. You would want everything to be in place, including the location of your recycling or the distance between your food store and the oven. You wouldn’t enjoy having a magnificent kitchen whose functionality as a workplace is wanting.

Like many people, you might opt to use the services of a professional kitchen designer in decorating your new kitchen. However, it would help to go to the expert with some of your original ideas, which they can use as the basis for customizing your new kitchen décor to your liking. The following are 5 Excellent Tips you can apply in decorating your brand new kitchen. 

  1. Make your ceiling attention-grabbing.

Use thought-provoking shapes and materials to create rhythm and articulation of unique architectural illusions. Stained ash and oak are some materials you can use to make a perfect impression on your kitchen ceiling. 

  1. Use yellow to add positivity and warmth.

The colors you use will always determine how your kitchen décor will look and feel. Since a kitchen is intended to be a source of life and energy, it would be a good idea to include significant doses of yellow in the color theme of your kitchen décor. Stylish yellow curtains like those from VisionBedding offers can perfectly serve the purpose. The yellow color is not only versatile but also exudes warmth and richness. Use it as an accent color to introduce a playful edge to your kitchen space. 

  1. Put your storage as high as possible.

Positioning your storage shelves high up on the kitchen wall is a creative way to create additional kitchen storage and a great way to make your kitchen look professional. In addition, ceiling-mounted storage is a brilliant way of ensuring that your kitchen essentials are out of the way but not out of reach. 

  1. Make the most of your kitchen space.

If your kitchen is endowed with high ceilings, introducing a classy statement ladder adds a new welcome dimension. The ladder, now a standard feature in most modern kitchens, offers much more than access to high storage. It can be one of the many attention-grabbing elements in your kitchen. The ladder becomes even more interesting if its railing has a beautiful design.

  1. Add more character to your kitchen décor scheme.

The global Covid-19 pandemic restrictions taught us that your home is your last line of defense; hence it should always be your safest haven and happy place. Always employ kitchen décor that embraces a feeling of homeliness. While some people may prefer simplicity, others would go for a more embellished feel. 

Most interior designers recommend layering with, for instance, rugs and distinctive cabinet fronts and ensuring that countertops remain clear to give prized belongings – such as pottery, flower vases, and baskets – a proper display. Leave room for functionality. Remember that less is sometimes more – though not always. It would help to throw in some stylish seats in your kitchen space. One or two bespoke bar stools might be a great addition for more friendly perching points in a modern kitchen. 

The texture of various surfaces is similarly essential to your kitchen. Consider tactile finishes, including upholstery on bench seats, encaustic tiles, and rough-sawn worktops or timber doors, to give a soft touch to all solid surfaces in your new kitchen. 


With the above decoration tips and a bit of your creativity, you can give your new kitchen a magnificent look on a friendly budget. The lovely decor will benefit your kitchen and enhance the appeal of your entire home.

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