Handy Collections To Gather Around the House

Do you often find yourself looking for something you need or scrambling to find something you don’t have but must use right now? Then perhaps it’s time to gather together a few handy collections that you can use around the house.


There have probably been many days when you’ve wondered what you’re going to make for supper but haven’t the faintest idea. A collection of go-to recipes can certainly come in handy in this situation. Go through cookbooks, and try a few dishes. If they’re successful, jot the recipe down on an index card, and put it in a box on your countertop or in your cupboard. Build your collection by asking friends and relatives for recommendations.

Kitchen Gadgets

Another handy collection you might develop is a collection of kitchen gadgets. These could be anything from a boiled egg pealer to a bag sealer to a watermelon slicer. Choose your gadgets based on your cooking habits, but keep them close by and organized so that you can find and use them often.


You may not think much about household tools until you need a hammer or screwdriver and can’t find one. Put together a tool kit, and store it in a place you can easily reach. Include all the basics like a hammer and nails, a screwdriver kit, a tape measure, pliers and a utility knife.

Cleaning Supplies

If you’ve ever found yourself facing a big mess without the proper supplies to clean it up, you’ll understand the need to keep a collection of cleaning supplies. Purchase a bucket, and fill it with an all-purpose cleaner, a scrub brush, sponges, a glass cleaner, antibacterial wipes and more. Keep it in the pantry or under the sink where you can grab it easily and tackle whatever mess appears next.

Games and Puzzles

In a household with kids, one of the worst phrases a parent can hear is “I’m bored!” This typically precedes some form of mischief, so be prepared to head it off with a collection of games and puzzles. Invest in several board games that are appropriate for your kids’ ages and interests. You can throw some card games into the mix, too. Don’t forget to stock up on puzzles as well. These might be jigsaws that you can set up on a card table, or they could be puzzle books or dexterity puzzles or brain teasers. Tuck them all in a closet or storage cabinet, and run for them at the first sign of “I’m bored!”


Every household should be fully stocked with a collection of books. These, too, can be the perfect boredom beaters, and if you make a habit of reading, you’ll likely find yourself more relaxed. You don’t have to buy the most expensive editions. Find books at thrift stores, used book stores, library book sales and garage sales. Build a collection that reflects your interests, but don’t hesitate to try something new occasionally either.

These household collections can make your life easier, and you can probably think of a few other collections that would also be helpful. So start gathering them right away.

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