Benefits of DHL Airway Bill

DHL airway ranks among the most favored international postal service providers worldwide. It presents an array of offerings, with the airway bill standing as a key feature. The airway bill serves as a digital shipping document detailing the shipping process, destination, type of goods transported, sender, and recipient information. This document aims to furnish both parties involved in the shipping process with precise details regarding their transaction. The DHL airway bill comes with numerous advantages.

1. Provides proof of shipment

When an article is shipped via airways, the sender gets a bill that shows every move of their parcel up to point of delivery. This is very important especially when you want compensation from the shipping company because of damaged or lost shipment. In case the parcel is misplaced and sent to wrong address, it can be traced easily with the help of this document.

2. Tracks the shipment

When your shipment is sent via airway bill, you will be given all the available details about it so that it can be tracked and you can locate your package at all times.

3. Trackable signature

With airway bill, you can be sure of the identity of the sender and receiver because it has a trackable signature which includes name, address and phone number. Therefore, you can contact the receiver if there is any problem with your parcel.

4. Has a unique identification number

This is one distinct feature of airway bill that distinguishes it from other documents; it has a unique identification number that is used to track a shipment. Wherever in the world your parcel will be, its location can be tracked as long as you have its identification number. The main thing required when issuing an airway bill is an account with DHL and registration in their system . The size and type of the package, who the shipper is and where it is to be delivered are some of the facts that should be included in the airway bill. You can also send an airway bill by sending an email to DHL which will be printed out for your parcel.

Steps to get this bill:

1. Get an account with DHL as a sender or receiver.

If you are a receiver you don’t need to sign up for anything because it will already have your details in its system and your name will be there in the list that comes out once you request for an airway bill. If you are a sender, get an account with DHL at the time of sending the parcel. This can be done by anytime, as your parcel is shipped. You also need to register as a sender before you send your first airway bill.

2. Sign up for airway bill by DHL

It will be generated for you once you authorize them to provide you with an airway bill . The account needs to have a valid credit card or a bank account linked with it so that the final amount can be settled during delivery or collection. You may also prefer to hire someone who can guide and assist you in this process .

3. Get the airway bill and check the details

Once you get an airway bill, you need to check its details for accuracy. The first information will be the sender and receiver’s address, the specific delivery address where your package is going to be delivered. Then you need to look for the tracking number of your parcel on the bottom of the document . The next thing you need to look at would be signature in which both sender and receiver should sign because it is an important point in this document. There are also other fields which are required in order to get your parcel trackable such as date , time of dispatch and others .

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