7 Ways to Make Your Home a True Relaxing Sanctuary

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to transform our homes into comprehensive hubs catering to our various needs. With work, education, and leisure activities all occurring within the same space, our homes can occasionally become significant contributors to stress due to the multitude of activities happening simultaneously.

Staying in has become the new going out, so with all the time that we spend at home, we should really do something to turn our home into a place where we can not only have space to be productive but also have a peaceful sanctuary where we can relax and recharge. With just a few small changes to your home, you can quickly feel happier, helping you to be more motivated to take on other projects. Cleanliness is always a good place to start, so be sure to begin with some basic pest control measures, both indoors as well as in the garden.

Let’s take a closer look at just some of the things you can do to create a relaxing nest for you and your family to enjoy moving forward. 

Clear Away The Clutter

A cluttered home can be a major stress inducer. The best way to handle it is to start with getting rid of clutter that you don’t need. Documents you need to hold on to can be filed for safe-keeping. Don’t worry about what to do with random things, just throw them into decorative bins, baskets, or drawers so they are not cluttering up your interior. Remove any negative, stress-inducing stuff stuck to your fridge. Put away any bills and leave only pretty fridge magnets and happy photos so you don’t have a reminder of negative things every time you open the fridge now.

Create A Happy Place

Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or a large house, you can find space to make your own little Zen recharge station, your happy place, where you can go to relax and regroup. Different people will have different meanings for this, so be sure to customise your space to fit your unique needs.

Embrace The Light

Ensure you allow as much sunlight in as you possibly can. Natural light is an excellent mood booster, source of Vitamin D and it enhances the atmosphere of any room. Natural light is not only healthy, it is also comforting, warming and can help to make you feel great.

Go Unplugged

Shut off anything you’re not using, and unplug anything you don’t use often. Don’t forget to unplug chargers if they aren’t being used. By saving as much as you can at home, you are adding energy to the rest of the world which is a nice positive thought to hold on to as you go about your day. 

Choose The Right Aroma

Our sense of smell can add, or help relieve stress in our daily goings about the house. Most people do a little bit to try and eliminate and remove smells from their homes. This is a good place to start but have you ever thought about adding some scent to your home? Introduce one or two strategically placed humidifiers around high traffic areas, add a little Patchouli or Bergamot essential oil and breathe in the calm, stress-reducing vapours, while going about your business.

Consider Purpose Using Rooms

In the world we live in today, and with the amount of time the pandemic has forced us to spend in our abodes, lines regarding what to do, and where to do it, have become blurred. Too many people now eat in the bedroom, sleep in the living room, and watch TV in the kitchen. This causes so many problems for those of us who are programmed and used to structure and a sense of purpose. Divide your space as effectively as you can if you’re living in a small studio apartment to help you establish good habits moving forward.

It’s Time To Paint

An easy, interesting and inexpensive way of creating soothing surroundings is by painting your home with the correct colors. In order to create a relaxing environment in your home, be sure to choose colors with a neutral tone. That doesn’t mean you must paint your home exclusively with neutral colors. A neutral base can then be enhanced with vibrant pops of color.Blue, lavender, pink, soft yellow and soft green, will help to create a calm and romantic atmosphere so you generally can’t go wrong with variations of these tones.

Put Yourself On Time-Out And Embrace The Relaxing Ambience Of Your Home

The mere gift of time is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  It doesn’t have to take up your whole day, just 30 minutes or so of peaceful time can do incredible things. Make time to relax in your favorite spot, whether it’s your armchair or the floor, sit back, breathe and relax in your very own relaxing sanctuary at home. 

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