4 Solutions to Ensure Proper Drainage of Your Swimming Pool

Installing a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard or property is a fantastic concept. However, it’s even more crucial to make sure your pool has proper drainage.

Water must flow, and it is up to you to decide the direction it flows. Therefore, drainage is important in every construction. Proper drainage prevents flooding.

In this article, we’ll be considering why it is important to set up a good drainage system for your swimming pool. We’ll also discuss the solutions to ensure proper drainage of your pool.

Why You Should Ensure Proper Drainage of Your Swimming Pool

The absence of proper drainage predisposes your pool to the risk of water contamination. This generally accumulates and reduces your pool’s life expectancy. Surrounding areas like the deck, patio, and yard are susceptible to damage. As a homeowner, you need to understand the importance of a proper drainage system during your pool installation.

A well-functioning drainage system manages and regulates how water in the surrounding area is diverted away from your pool. You can employ the service of a professional to evaluate your yard. So, he can help you determine the various drainage needs for your yard. A professional will be able to suggest the right drainage system that will function effectively for your yard.

Here are a few reasons why it is important that you have proper drainage around your swimming pool:

Safety Reasons

An inefficient drainage channel can cause water to pool on the surrounding concrete deck or tile. It causes puddle formation, which makes the surrounding area slippery. This can pose a severe threat to the safety of you and your household. 

Slip and fall accidents are common around the pool deck due to slick floors and moisture pooling. All these can be prevented with a proper drainage system. You can prevent water pooling and reduce the risk of accidents.

Makes Your Pool Clean

When there’s an inadequate drainage system around your pool, waste and dirty water may flow into your pool. This makes your pool susceptible to debris, dirt, and other organic materials. All these ruin your pool’s appearance and make the pool unhygienic for its main purpose— Swimming. 

In addition, external water inflow makes your pool filtration system work at an overload level. This can damage your filtration system.

However, installing an efficient drainage system can prevent external or foreign water inflow. External water inflow from snow, garden irrigation systems, and roof gutters can be prevented from entering and contaminating your pool. This keeps your pool clean and suitable for an enjoyable dive at any time.

Protects areas around the pool

Due to playing and swimming activities in your pool, water may splash out into the area. Chemically treated pool water is unhealthy to surrounding plantations and can bleach or rust deck materials. Excessive pool water absorption affects the soil and causes plants to rot. A proper drainage system diverts the water to the right channels and prevents accumulation.

Enhance Pool Aesthetics

Asides from making your pool clean, as mentioned above, a proper drainage system makes your pool less susceptible to mold, algae, and mildew growth as well. The growth of the organisms can deter your pool’s overall appearance.

A professionally installed drainage system also maintains the aesthetic beauty of your pool. Some drains are available in different colors, which can be chosen to suit and blend with your pool’s shade.

Solutions to Ensuring Proper Drainage of Your Swimming Pool

Trench Drains Installation

A trench drain system is an extended drainage system that can be used to remove excess surface water from an area, in this case, your pool. The trench drain uses a  drainage channel covered with a grate. They are placed just below the ground with their openings at the ground level to drain water easily. They are also available in different types.

Types of Trench Drains

The two most common types of trench drain systems are pre-cast and cast in place.


These drains are formed using concrete. The term “pre-cast” means that they’re made in the factory rather than onsite during installation. Metal molds with a predetermined width, height, and depth measurements are used.


  • Built under perfectly controlled climate conditions, i.e., it was allowed to cure properly to increase its strength.
  • It is pre-customized with special additions like colors


  • The transportation cost of material from the factory can be high
  • Machines required for moving each piece need to be on site of installation.
Cast in Place

These are also made using concrete. However, unlike the pre-cast type, they are not pre-made. Instead, they are made on site. The trench is dug to the desired depth. Then, the concrete is poured using forms and reinforcing bars as support. All forms and bars are removed when it gets dried.

Catch Basin Drain Installation

This drainage solution prevents unwanted water puddling and associated accidents. It provides an effective drainage option for your swimming pool and backyard.

The system functions primarily by diverting excess water away from your pool and converging it all to an escape point or catch basins. The direction of flow is determined during installation. They are dug to slope in the desired direction, and gravity moves the water.

Deck-O-Drains installation

This is popular among most pool contractors. The Deck-O-Drains are sleek and made of plastic. They can fit into any concrete-made deck design. It is a top drainage choice for pools, patios, driveways, etc.

The Deck-O-Drains are desired because of their appearance and availability in various colors. This gives you a variety of options. So you can pick what best blends with your deck or pool. It also has a streamlined design which makes it almost undetectable.

Another reason why contractors love it is because of its ease of installation. No special heavy mechanized equipment is needed for its installation. Its configuration flexibility gives contractors a free space to determine where each drain goes.

The Deck-O-Drains are easy to maintain. And unlike many grate drains such as trench drains, the deck-o-drain is resistant to corrosion. This is because it is made of plastic.


Finally, proper scheduled maintenance of these drainage systems is considered one of the most important things to do. This will ensure efficient drainage of your swimming pool.

A clogged-up or blocked drainage is equal to not having a drainage system. It doesn’t have to be a daily or regular routine. One or twice in three months should keep your drainage system at maximum efficiency.


It is important you have a drainage system around your pool. An efficient drainage system keeps your pool in good condition and prevents water from puddling around your pool area. This will help preserve your pool and filtration system for the long term.

However, to choose the best drainage system, make inquiries with your pool contractor. They’d be able to help you evaluate and decide the best and most efficient drainage system to be used.

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