The United States Homes Most at Risk From Coastal Storm Surge

There are many potential dangers that can arise due to natural disasters. In the United States and beyond, problems regarding flooding are rampant, and in every single state, some type of flooding may impact your home’s health. Coastal storm surge is a particular kind of flooding that you might want to keep looking out for specifically. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your home safe from coastal storm surge.

What Is Coastal Surge?

Before you can stay safe from coastal surge, you first need to figure out what it is. Coastal surge is a specific type of flooding that happens when a hurricane approaches the coast. Because the hurricane exerts significant amounts of air pressure, water attempts to get away from the hurricane. As the hurricane comes in toward the land, there’s nowhere for the water to go except toward the land, flooding far higher than the level of the highest tide. This is coastal storm surge, and it can actually be one of the most dangerous elements of a hurricane.

What States Are at the Highest Risk for Coastal Surge?

Coastal storm surge will vary depending on the location and the hurricane category. Because hurricanes only touch down on the East coast, only East coast states experience any amount of coastal surge, but not all states are created equal. If a Category 5 hurricane comes up toward the coast, these are the 10 states that will have at least 100,000 homes experience coastal surge.

  • 2,851,642 – Florida
  • 843,349 – Louisiana
  • 563,024 – Texas
  • 471,323 – New Jersey
  • 467,787 – New York
  • 410,277 – Virginia
  • 363,875 – South Carolina
  • 267,802 – North Carolina
  • 164,504 – Georgia
  • 151,979 – Massachusetts
  • 126,589 – Maryland
  • 102,596 – Mississippi

Of course, Florida is the state with the highest potential problems; it’s the only state that could have over 100,000 homes experiencing coastal surge with even a Category 1 hurricane. However, other states can also experience these problems. Whether you live in any of these states or a smaller state that has access to the East coast, you need to think about keeping your home safe from coastal surge.

How Can I Prevent Issues With Coastal Surge?

Preventing problems with coastal surge can be more difficult than you might think. It’s not enough to just elevate a home; if it’s not reinforced, it can still fall victim to coastal surge. It’s also not enough to just waterproof your home. You have to make sure you’re tackling coastal surge on all fronts, no matter what those fronts are. Talk to a local expert if you live in one of these states and you’re worried about coastal surge.


Flooding is a serious problem that’s important to remember when you’re thinking about how to keep your home safe. If you live near the East coast, it’s even more important to think about flooding due to hurricanes. As long as you’re keeping it in mind and talking to experts about it every time you get a home inspection, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

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