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The internet has been commonplace for almost twenty years. We use it all the time without thinking about it. We use it to order food to be delivered from our favorite restaurants right to our front door. We use it to search how common honey allergies are to see if that annoying chick from our office is telling the truth. We look up everything to see if we can feed it to our dogs.

But there are some things that we take so for granted that we don’t even think to search for them. Things that we only think about once they’re not working anymore. Our air conditioners are one of these things. They run along quietly in the background, providing the gentle hum that accompanies our warm summer month activities.

But as we all know after the years of being trapped inside during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a difference between surviving and thriving. While we were able to survive when we had to limit our social contact, we sure weren’t thriving.

Your air conditioner feels the same way. Right now, it’s probably just surviving. But you can learn how to better take care of your machine so that it – and you – last longer. These hacks are going to change the way you look at your air conditioning unit forever.

Routine Maintenance

If you’re like most people, you wait until there’s something wrong with your unit before you call out a technician. If so, you’re probably wasting your money. That’s because, over time, buildup accumulates in your unit. The more dirt, dust, and debris there is, the harder that little motor inside your machine has to work inorder to cool the air.

While it might take time for the buildup to completely shut your unit down, it will run on a reduced capacity for months or even years.

By scheduling routine maintenance, a qualified technician can come out and clean all of the debris away before it becomes an issue. You’ll be sure to save money on your power bills afterward. This can be great for anyone looking to save a little money this summer. As inflation rates hit historic highs most of us could stand to save a little money wherever we can. Learn more about routine maintenance here.

You’ll be delighted to open your electricity bill month after month all summer long and take note of how much your smart hack has saved you.

Check for Financing

If and when you do decide to call in a technician, you’ll want to scout around for the best deal. A great way to make sure you keep up on maintaining your machine is to find a company that offers financing options.

Financing options are another way of saying that a company will work with you to create a payment plan that you can live with. Most companies want all of the money upfront, which can cause you to delay necessary service. Think of financing options as a sort of layaway for the tolerable climate in your home.

Remember when stores used to offer layaway? K-Mart was one of the largest, and they went out of business. These stores would hold things for you while you paid them off in installments. You could have paid a little each month, every other week, or even every week if you so choose. Those were the good old days when the consumer was king.

Feel like you’re still a person worthy of respect and cool, clean air by choosing a company bold and expressive enough to let you pay over time. You deserve it.

Knock on Wood

Sometimes your unit might make a terrible rattling sound that drives you crazy. If it’s going off nearly nonstop and disturbing you while you watch Murder, She Wrote reruns on the ION channel all day, there’s one thing you can do to fix it.

Simply go outside and knock on your unit with your hand or foot. A good solid hit or two should be all you need to make your machine run smoothly again. Although it might not work long-term, this can be a great temporary solution to help you maintain your sanity until you can get it repaired.

Have You Tried…

Another great hack for your machine is something you may not have thought of. If something is going wrong, try turning your machine all the way off. Wait a few minutes. Experts say that ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to let your machine cool off and rest before starting back up again. While it might seem difficult and counterintuitive to turn your air conditioner off in order to achieve cooler air in the house, you’ll find that it does the trick.

Hopefully, these hacks have given you some ideas about what to do to extend the life and usefulness of your air conditioning unit. Of course, no matter what you do, at some point, your machine is going to need repairs. That’s all right, it’s not a sign of failure. It’s just the natural order of things.

Help it reach its goals by calling in a qualified expert to help you repair your machine when all of these hacks fail. Research reviews online to help give you a clear picture of the kind of company that you’re calling to your house. For example, experts in the field like  Farrell Heating and Air Conditioning publish their reviews right on their home page so you know that you’re dealing with an honest, quality company right up front. Other sites may have you search independent review aggregate website inorder to find the information that you need.

Nothing lasts forever. Not humans, not plants, not animals. Even the mighty dinosaurs with their giant teeth and million-pound feet weren’t able to survive forever. Think of your air conditioner as being mortal, and you’ll understand the pain it feels when it isn’t able to perform up to your standards.

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