Know Your Rights: How to File a Complaint Against Defective Products 

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Defective products lead to countless injuries that require emergency medical care each year. In 2020, close to 11 million people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries caused by defective products. When someone is injured, options for moving forward are available. Those options include requesting and obtaining compensation for any damages, medical bills, lost wages due to injuries, and more. The following are the steps a victim can take to file a complaint about a defective product. 

Talk to a Lawyer About the Case

It is always a good idea for the victim to speak with a lawyer about the case. For minor injuries, there may not be a court case because the expenses involved are too low and the manufacturer may be willing to provide a settlement. For a situation involving serious injuries, on the other hand, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer like one from about the case. The victim may need legal assistance to receive a sufficient settlement to cover all damages related to the defective product. 

Gather Evidence of How the Injuries Occurred

The victim will want to make sure they gather as much evidence as possible about how the injuries occurred. Take good photos of the defective product to make sure it’s possible to see how the accident happened or what caused the accident. It is a good idea to save these photos somewhere safe. On top of this, write down an account of what happened and how the accident occurred. Be sure to include whether the manufacturer’s instructions were followed, what the use of the product was, and anything else that could be important. 

Obtain Medical Bills and Reports for Injuries

If compensation is requested, it is important to be able to show how much is justified. Obtain copies of medical bills and reports related to the injuries. The medical bills help to show the total amount paid to receive treatment for any injuries. The reports help detail the injuries, what care was needed, and how much of an impact this may have on the victim as far as going to work or getting back to their normal life as soon as possible. 

Save the Defective Product

Do not toss the product that was defective. If possible, save the product, as it may be needed to help show what happened and how the injuries could have been caused. This won’t work with some products, like prescription medication, but it is necessary for any physical products that may have failed during normal use. 

Consider All Options for Moving Forward

There are various ways to handle the defective product, including talking to the manufacturer and requesting compensation, filing a report with the right agency, or filing a case in court and requesting compensation to cover any losses that occurred because of the accident. A lawyer can help the victim determine which option is right for their case as well as help handle the case if needed. 

If you have been injured because of a defective product, now’s a good time to speak with a lawyer and learn more about your case. They will be able to help you gather evidence, make sure the product is stored properly if needed, and file a request for compensation. 

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