How to Enhance Security in Your Group Home

Group homes are residential facilities that provide therapy support and round-the-clock supervision to people with disabilities and complex health issues in a home-like setting. Teenagers with mental health or behavioral issues are also accommodated in such facilities.

Group homes are not the same as hospitals or care centers. They only serve a small number of children in a family-like setting with well-trained staff. This treatment approach is also available to people with medical issues, older adults who require close supervision, and those with intellectual disabilities.

Due to high demand, these homes are often exposed to security issues. That’s why home security phoenix, AZ devices are worth investing in to improve your group’s home security. Here are some devices to invest in.

Outdoor Security Lights

When installed in group homes, security lights provide numerous advantages. You’re left with light security options when natural light fades, and darkness sets in. When mounted outside the facility, these fixtures provide light that covers a large area.

Outdoor security lights are a simple but effective way to improve the security of your group home, deterring any burglary, theft, or robbery threats.

Outdoor lights are ideal for exposing burglars or robbers hiding in the shadows. This is also the best way to deter potential intruders. Your neighbors will also notify you if they spot strangers roaming around the facility.

Securing the Premises Procedure

When leaving any room in the facility, the group home staff is responsible for turning off the electrical devices and lights. They must also ensure that any rooms that are not in use are securely locked until the next day.

Employees are also tasked with drawing curtains or blinds to keep robbers away from the building, particularly at night. Additionally, night shift workers should ensure that the windows and doors are locked and the curtains are drawn. They must also make certain that the alarms are turned on and activated.

A Surveillance System

A surveillance system is a crucial security add-on for indoor group homes. The system comes with a CCTV camera that monitors and records any activity within the facility. A wireless camera can be well-set inside the facility to keep a close eye when away.

These cameras are well improved and come with motion sensors to sense a stranger approaching your facility. Alternatively, you can install systems that enable you to view footage from your laptop or Smartphone to keep the group home in check when away.

Invest in a Wireless Alarm System

Alarm systems must include security features in your group home. When an intruder tries to break in, the systems can be connected to the window frames and doors to alert you. Wireless alarm systems are ideal because they have improved features like sensors that can be installed throughout the facility.

If there are break-in attempts, they will notify you via laptop or phone so you can contact the police immediately. Invest in an alarm system that includes cameras that turn on whenever an alarm is triggered to allow you to monitor what is going on.

Final Thoughts

The current market offers a variety of home security devices to enhance safety. We’ve discussed a few well-known ones in this piece. Pick one that best meets all your group home needs. Regardless of your selection, the mentioned security devices will improve your group home security.

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