How to Cut Porcelain Tile

When preparing to tile your home, porcelain you’ll need to cut the tiles first. You must take great care to get a perfect cut. You’ll need to know how to cut porcelain tiles perfectly. Otherwise, the tiles might chip at the corners. Such tiles are tough to replace.

The durability that porcelain tile offer is unmatched.  That’s why many people are embracing porcelain as tiles. They are much stronger, water resistant and it comes in more pure form. Porcelain tiles are simply unique and robust. The creation of porcelain tiles uses finer clay. The hardness and glazing of these tiles arise from firing the tiles at extremely high temperatures. 

The nature of porcelain tiles makes it versatile. They look fantastic on both floors and the walls, unlike ceramic counterparts. What sets porcelain tiles apart from ceramic tiles? While ceramic tiles are a product of a combination of clay, sand, and water, porcelain tiles are from pure clay. 

Raw materials pass through high temperatures and pressure to give the final product. Note that Clay is dense, and that is why porcelain tiles are denser and harder than the ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles will give your home a perfect finish whatever the design of your floor or wall. 

How to Cut Porcelain Tile

The process of cutting porcelain tiles is straightforward. With different tools, you can apply different methods. This will majorly depend on the type of tool you so choose to use. However, in all cases, it is faster and convenient.

The necessary steps will involve;

  • Preparing a tile and the tools. This consists of making necessary adjustments
  • Marking out the point to cut along
  • Actually Cutting: this step depends on the type of machine
  • Smoothening the cut surface

This sounds simple, right? In the process of cutting there are some precautions to put in mind. For instance, what shape are you targeting? The type of tool you use will determine the shape. Also, it is essential to be careful while cutting not to destroy the part you require.

Common Tools

The standard tools you require while cutting your porcelain tiles are;

  • Tile Nipper: Excellent for cutting arcs
  • Angle Grinder: Excellent for curves
  • Tile Cutter: Excellent for adjusted shapes and sizes
  • Wet Tile Saw: Give a clean cut that does not require smoothening. You would do better to visit sites like Tools Adventure where you will be able to get the right kind of information and knowledge about buying the best budget wet tile saws.
  • Wet Wheel: Cuts well rough and coarse material
  • Drill Bit: Best for circular cross-sections

Do you know how to use the tools? If not, you might require some guidance. It is important to note that, all the tools are easy to use and they give perfect results. This article focuses on the use of tile nipper, angle grinder, and a wet wheel.

How to Cut Porcelain Tile Using A Tile Nipper

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If you want to cut circular sections, it is advisable to use this tool. Besides, it is excellent at cutting arcs. The tile nipper proves convenient when you have tiles of a small size. The nipper cuts small pieces from the tile. To use this tool;

  • Mark a line on the tile you want to cut
  • Place your nipper at the center of the cut line and apply pressure: this will break the piece off
  • Note: go slow, and always take small nips as sometimes it may fail to nip off.
  • After you are done cutting smoothen the edges and the cut itself using a rub brick.

Using an Angle Grinder


An angle grinder is a versatile tool. You can use it to shape your tile. It can make numerous types of cuts including L cuts, the circle cuts, straight cuts and square cuts among others. This type is excellent for curvy cuts. To use it;

  • Carefully mark out the shape you want to cut on the tile on both sides of the tiles. Using the angle grinder, gently follow the marked line to get a better outline. Do this on both sides. Apply little pressure on the grinder.
  • Make numerous small cuts on both sides of the tile. This is aimed at maintaining control. Do it continuously until you get the desired cut.
  • After a successful cut, you will need to smoothen the edges. Use an abrasive wheel.

Using a Wet Wheel 


This powerful tool is also called a diamond wheel. It works well with tough and coarse material. This is because its blade is fixed with diamonds. You must differentiate a wet wheel from a wet saw. In a wet saw, the blade moves along a tile to cut it (The blade is overhanging) while the wet wheel has a rotating wheel. Here you move the tiles as the blade rotate.


  • Prepare the tile. This involves giving it side support especially if you are dealing with a large piece of tile
  • Mark out the point you want to cut. Ensure that your marks are visible enough.
  • Align the cutting edge of the wheel with the marked outlines on the tile and guide the tile smoothly. Do this until the cut is complete. For effective cutting do not apply force. Force Might cause chipping.

How to Remain Safe While Cutting Porcelain Tiles

  • Wear protective gear: you need to be in the right clothing including shoes, eyeglasses, gloves and ear protection
  • Don’t lose focus while cutting. Losing focus might make you destroy the tile or injure yourself.
  • Always work with a functional tool: a faulty machine might cause injuries. Lubricate the blades of your saw on a regular basis to get the best out of them.


Porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic tiles. Once you install them in your home, you are guaranteed highly functional and elegant space. However, to tap such benefits, you need to know HOW TO CUT PORCELAIN TILE properly, polish it and install as per the instructions. With numerous methods to use, you can choose a tool that you are conversant with to give you an easy time. These tools are not expensive.

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