Designs You Might Want to Choose for Your Living Room

Do you find yourself exerting immense effort, pouring your heart and hard work into discovering the ideal, one-of-a-kind design for your living room? You’re certainly not by yourself in this. Many individuals involved in designing a living room feel inundated with the plethora of options they need to decide upon. The contemporary movements in interior design further complicate this task. With the freedom to select whichever style suits them best, and the absence of definitive trends, making a choice has become even more challenging.

The look of the living room is important. It needs to have an atmosphere, pleasantness, and cosiness that would improve the quality of the time spent there. However, one must remember what are the needs of all the house’s residents. On top of that, it would be perfect if it resembled the character of the homeowner or impressed guests. This article will present different styles you may choose to follow in your living room.

Eclectic Design

This style allows you to combine furniture and decor that seemingly don’t go together. It gives a lot of space for self-expression. You’re allowed to bring in all the colours and fabrics you like, memorabilia, XX century art, patterned rugs and modern kitchen table, black leather sofa bed next to a crafted wooden coffee table.

Rustic Feel

This is a completely different proposition. A rustic design is fairly broad and refers to interiors with natural materials like raw wood, traditional and monochrome colour palette, soft fabrics, and aged furniture. The general impression it gives off is one of a very cosy, welcoming, and peaceful place.


Maximalism is a new emerging trend that is claiming its place after decades of minimalism. As you may assume from the name, it’s the exact opposite. It’s gaining popularity because as people spend more and more time indoors, they seek inspiring, original objects around them. The focus is on gathering decorations, pieces of art, unique souvenirs, sculptures, designer wallpapers, decorative cushions, and putting everything on display.

The Colour That Pops Out

If the previous style wasn’t for you, consider a minimalist room with subtle, subdued colours and fabrics and minimal decoration but complemented with one element with a distinctive colour. There are many options: a pink wall; a yellow armchair; a patterned coffee table, a blue rug. Restrict yourself to one object that would get all the attention.

Upholstered Walls

Functional and chic, leathered or velvet walls make the room look comfier and posher at the same time. Additionally, they make the room easier to heat up and they reduce noise from outside the room. Living rooms and kitchens are the best places to start with them.

Art-Like Books Display

While reading e-books is becoming more and more popular, you’ll for sure still find a few books that are not digitized and worth having as paper copies. If not, they could be easily bought at flea markets. The trick to make a book display is to arrange them by size, the colour of the cover, paint the books for specific colours, arrange them together with sculptures or plants, or make a bookshelf background for hanging a painting.

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