5 Tips for Real Estate Recruiters to Maximize Productivity

Expanding a real estate brokerage involves building a team of skilled real estate experts. Nonetheless, achieving this aim isn’t always straightforward. You’re quite familiar with the numerous activities that occupy a recruiter’s day. These tasks range from finding candidates, making phone calls, replying to applications, organizing interviews, to the onboarding process, along with many other duties. Similarly, idx broker login frequently transitions to Showcase IDX.

There’s also the fact that you may have to go through tens of applications before finding “the one.” At times, it will take at least a few days to even find a couple of good candidates. In short, it can be a struggle to stay productive.

Nevertheless, efficient performance is not merely a pipe dream. Here are some simple, practical, and effective tips to help you make the most of your time and boost your productivity as an on task recruiter:

Build a Talent Pool

When a real estate agent leaves, for any reason at all, what’s the first thing you do? If your answer is to look for new candidates, you’re not being as efficient with your time. The better course of action is to build a talent pool of qualified individuals who are interested in working for and with your company. This way, when a role vacancy comes up, you can quickly engage a suitable candidate.

Obviously, building a sizable and high-quality talent pool can’t be done overnight—which is why you need to get on it ASAP. Start by including previous applicants who were qualified but didn’t get through the first time. You can also ask for referrals from current employees and send out “feelers” through social media platforms.

Over time, you’ll find that you’re not relying as much on external sources. More importantly, you’ll also be creating a more cost-efficient process and improving the overall candidate experience.

Automate What Can Be Automated

Whether you like them or not, administrative tasks are part and parcel of a real estate recruiter’s job. From posting vacancies on job boards to maintaining candidate files, it can feel like more than half of your workday is dedicated to repetitive (but necessary) duties.

Thankfully, there are technological solutions that can help you handle these tasks more efficiently. In particular, automation using CRM software, applicant trackers, and database managers can simplify several processes so that you don’t forget any details. This gives you more time to focus on business building, networking, and other more meaningful tasks.

Try “Chunking” Your To-Do List

As mentioned, real estate recruiters have a variety of tasks. Most of them are similar enough, but there are also those that are vastly different and require more focus or a unique frame of mind. It can be jarring if you jump from one task to another and it might end up with you struggling to recover your momentum and get back into the groove.

An effective way to solve this issue is through grouping your tasks into “chunks” and then doing only those tasks for a specific time block. For example, you can choose to perform all administrative jobs in the morning—e.g., responding to emails, filing, and the like—and then interviews and meetings in the afternoon.

Ideally, you shouldn’t squeeze in unrelated tasks during these specific time blocks; if you finish early, take breaks instead. This way, you can keep the right mindset in accomplishing similar tasks and also prevent overtaxing yourself. Remember, as well, that different people work in different ways. The key is to find your rhythm and group your tasks accordingly to optimize your time and energy.

Don’t Multitask

You’ve probably seen “able to multitask” or something similar in a handful of resumes, filed under the “skills and qualifications” heading. In fact, you might even believe that you’re capable of multitasking yourself. The problem is, no one can truly multitask simply because the brain isn’t designed to handle multiple complicated tasks at the same time.

Keep in mind that performing your multitude of responsibilities isn’t like talking while walking. The latter doesn’t need a lot of focus, while the former requires your full attention to accomplish them efficiently and effectively. Switching back and forth between tasks isn’t multitasking either; what’s more, it can negatively affect your concentration.

The bottom line? Focus on one task at a time. This will help make you more efficient and productive, not to mention deliver higher-quality work.

Use Social Media Management Tools

One of the most important tools in modern real estate recruiting is social media. They’re particularly helpful when it comes to sourcing and candidate engagement, thanks to features such as post targeting and built-in analytics.

The problem is that social media can also serve as a distraction. Who hasn’t clicked on a cute cat meme or a funny short-form video at one point while scrolling through the news feed, right? Before you know it, you’ve already wasted an hour!

Obviously, some measure of self-control is required. Log out of your personal accounts during work hours, if you must! However, there are also tools that you can use so you can maximize your time on social media. These include automation apps for posting content, which also come with their own reporting features. You can also try social listening tools for relevant keyword searches, as well as digital consumer data analytics. There are some apps that combine two or more of these features, so it’s up to you to choose the best ones for your needs.

Hopefully, these simple tips can help you achieve your goals of being a high-performing on task recruiter. Good luck!

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