The Differences Between Cats And Dogs Using CBD Oil

Cats are mysterious animals. They keep their illnesses and injuries concealed to the point that they become emergent situations before anyone becomes aware. Even then, there are lesser available treatments for the feline species. For this reason, many of their pet parents are exploring the option of the increasingly popular CBD oil.

Research is still just beginning for our companion pets. Still, the claim is that the already infamous drug shows potential for great benefit with this population for not only their comfort level but in overall quality of life. As far as using CBD oil for dogs and cats in general, there are significant differences in how the products should be given to the distinct animals simultaneously, particularly with cats' sensitivity level. Read to learn what’s new regarding CBD pertaining to dogs and cats.

The Differences Between Cats And Dogs Using CBD Oil

How Do Cats And Dogs Take Their CBD Oil?

Administration of CBD oil for kitty deems substantially unique to that of the canine for which you should educate yourself in order to appropriate the products and the dosing correctly.

One of the key differences between a cat and pup is that kitty has a significantly more sensitive digestive system. This will mean for you that your feline will not be tolerant of a CBD substance that you or your puppy may handle with no issue.

Each pet comprises a unique gastrointestinal tract. There is potential for discomfort in your cat if the formula is not made explicitly for its needs. It’s important to know the details concerning giving your pet human products and their effects on them.

Side Effects That Your Feline May Experience

All cats are vastly different from the next, making the reactions to CBD for each one unusual to the breed, weight, size, and condition. The claim is that the product should not cause severe reactions in any breed. Still, the suggestion is that the animal should be closely monitored for any signs of adverse effects.

Feline studies to this point are few, but with the research that has been carried out using various animal models, the typical side effects that note to be experienced in this species appear to be sleepiness, sedation, and, rarely, gastrointestinal.

CBD Oil Specifically For Your Kitty

In purchasing CBD products for your companion pets, you want to ensure that you buy items for the kitty specifically created for felines. Cats have a reputation for being 'finicky,' but the problem they have is more stomach-related.

Dogs can eat nearly anything they want (and they do try if it's not nailed down). But a cat's digestive system is susceptible, making them prone to stomachaches. This is why treating ailments is tough, and providing them with a nutritious diet plan can prove challenging.

CBD oil notes to be a safe, gentle, and natural compound for all furry friends with claims it can assist in the relief of symptoms associated with various conditions. The notion does include kitty as long as you make sure to invest in products designed specifically for the sensitivities. Some common issues cats struggle with that CBD may help resolve include:

Aggression with pet parents or animals


Meows continuously

Irritation/discomfort of the skin

A change in environment/car rides causing agitation

Phobia to the litter box/irregular bowel movements

If you dose your kitty and odd behavior develops, you should reduce the level or stop the drug.

Final Word

There is a vast array of products on the market for companion animals (visit  to learn more) with hundreds of diverse brands on the market to select from. They won't all be of the same quality, however. Pet parents will want to ensure that they opt for the highest quality product for animals in their care.

A lesser-quality option has the potential for offering a variety of solvents and different ingredients that compromises the integrity of the CBD purity and, in doing so, can produce varying degrees of side effects not consistent with pure CBD products.

It would be best to collaborate with your pets' vet to ensure that you find a supplier and a brand that offers superb CBD-pure items derived from only the finest industrial hemp plants. Regardless of form, the products should come with a COA or Certificate Of Analysis that a third party has issued, rendering the substance in its final stage as unadulterated and pure. These are the products you should purchase. Your cats, and dogs, will thank you.

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