COVID 19 Friendly Activity for Adult Day Care

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Before the outbreak of COVID-19, an increasing number of people were embracing the idea of an adult day care over other care options, particularly for older adults and seniors who require continuous supervision and cannot be left to themselves safely.

Since the pandemic, these adult day care centers have suffered a tremendous setback necessitating adaptation - finding a new way of doing old things - so they can remain relevant.


What is Adult Day Care?

The adult day care is a center that delivers supervised care to seniors and older adults requiring such in a professional care setting. It is a need-based service center ideal for caregivers with older adults who cannot be available always even though their seniors need continuous supervision for their safety.

These care centers offer an exciting social environment for the older adult while allowing the caregiver some respite. These facilities usually differ from one another. Generally, they offer the following services:

  • Personal care

  • Health services

  • Nutritional service

  • Social activities

  • Counseling and Support services for caregivers

These activities help to improve the quality of life of older adults by improving on their strengths and skills and providing an opportunity for social interaction. This provides the seniors with an opportunity to age in peace and with less worry for their safety. The benefits of such a center have been clearly identified.


Benefits of an Adult Day Care

The benefits that accrue to the caregiver and older adults who utilize these services are numerous. Some of them include:

1. Provision of a secure environment within which the care recipients can enjoy their day without fear for their safety,

2. Prevention of social isolation and thus help to improve the physical and mental health of the older adult

3. Helping in the maintenance of the level of independence.


Benefits to Caregiver

1. Knowing your loved one is safe, and in a secure environment can give you peace of mind and enable you to focus well on tasks at hand.

2. Can prevent stress and burn out.


Activities in an Adult Day Care Center

Many adult care centers, often with the use of an assisted living activity calendar, plan and schedule activities and tasks with which to engage the adults and seniors in their care. These planned activities provide a guide that ensures the day is utilized in carrying out meaningful activity that impacts the senior positively. They include a combination of group and individual activities some of which include arts and crafts, gardening, games, aerobic exercises, drawing and painting, etc.

With the COVID 19 outbreak, many of these activities have been severely impacted, particularly those that require social interaction. However, there are still several COVID-19 friendly activities that can be done in these care centers without endangering the life of the care recipient unnecessarily. For instance, adults and seniors who enjoy online gambling can click here to play with their friends. 


COVID-19 Friendly Activities for Adult Day care

Hallway Bingo: For care centers with rooms assigned to each adult, hallway bingo has become quite popular. Residents stay at the entrances of the rooms checking their bingo cards while the games supervisor calls out the bingo.

Puzzle and Game Activities: Card games, puzzles (jigsaw, crossword, sudoku, picture puzzles, etc.), and word search games have also become quite popular even as some day care centers resume operations. Multiplayer video games that can be played using internet connectivity have also become popular as care recipients can stay separately and still have all the fun possible together while playing the game.

Artworks and Crafts: Individual art and craft projects are also good for the time. Guided by an instructor, adults can be tasked with finishing drawings, paintings, and craftwork. To make it more fun and stimulating, it can be made into a competitive form.



Given current statistics, it is perhaps right to say that we have seen the worst of this pandemic. It is also right to say that the adult day care center does not have to be an unsafe place with these friendly activities.

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